Saturday, March 28, 2009

did someone say giveaway?

Caley Walsh (editor) from are currently holding a giveaway at their blog for a new polymer clay tool set and instructional DVD by Lisa Pavelka :)

You might want to try!

i LOVE giveaways :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Discussing Christi Friesen's book - "polymer clay and mix media - together at last"

Lisa clarke had an interesting post in her polka dot cottage few weeks ago, she was discussing book covers, the book discussed was Christi Friesen's book - "polymer clay and mix media - together at last".
Since i am also a graphic designer, it's the first think i am looking at, and as a book lover i wanted to say some words about the issue.
Lisa offered this book as a gift to one of the commenters - and yay! :) i won "the lottory" and got the book yesterday by mail (thank you so much lisa)

I had the whole day looking and reading Christi's book, with her special humor and such a unique art talent. i loved the book, it is full of projects (exacly my kind of book), they are presented with beautiful photos and Christi's special (and clear) way of writting and cute funny drawings.

I do think that her beautiful pieces should be presented more colorfully on this book cover, similar to her other books. There are so many gorgous photos in there, choosing different colors would make this book look much more appealing & "tailored" to it's content - look like a fancy dress. i loved her other book designs - they are so "exactly her".

It was important to me to share my joy from her book and thank her for sharing her art & beauty with us. I hope in my heart that Christi is not disappointed from this bit of critics, i hate doing that, i don't want to make her beautiful face sad.

This is an important issue, and i must say i am not experienced with working along with publishers, do artists allowed to say their opinion about their own book design? or is it a choice of the editor? i don't know.

if you are a Christi Friesen's fan (and i am) buy it with confident, she is the best!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hamsa cutters - back in stock

Hamsa cutters are back again! i re-stocked and you can get them from my etsy store - 11 cm (4.3 inch) size, or 4 cm (1.2 inch).
great for pessach projects and lovely wall decoration/key chains gifts!

and if you need only a small one or only a big one - email me and i will list one for you :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Polymeri Online 19.3.09

How To Make An Alligator Shoe - by Katherine Dewey - amazing!

Linda's earing farm! cute sheep, pigs and chicken!

I am all over with preperation to the passover craft fairs here in Israel, as you know (or may not) in Passover we do not eat bread, only Matza. Matza (unleavened bread) is the primary symbol of the holiday. My friend Shay Aaron made a cute and yummy looking matza with Chocolate :)

camille Young posted some of her sculpturing steps, she is using a core of aluminum and Super Sculpey.

Sanding polymer clay basics by Desire - Pluses vs. Minuses, interesting to read and learn.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3rd anniversary of Polymeri Online Blog and a great deal!

On March 9th we celebrated the 3rd year Anniversary of Polymeri Online Blog!

In celebration of this event I would like to offer my loyal readers the opportunity to advertise in my blog. Polymeri Online blog gets an average of 300-500 views per day. I realize that not everyone can afford to get their etsy shops, websites, videos, etc. some traffic, so i can help with that. This special deal is a 3 month offer. With this incredible offer you will get the first month FREE, yes FREE. The next 2 months will cost $30.00. it means 3 month for total of only 30$! After the 3 month offer, you can decide wheather or not you would like to continue to advertise on PolymeriOnline Blog, you are under no obligation. Should you want to continue advertising the monthly rate will be 20$ per month.

The requirements for the advertisements graphics needs to be 180 pixel wide * 150 pixel height. If you need help with designing your advertisement the cost will be a maximum of 20$ depending on the design and content.

Payment can be made directly to my paypal account In the comments please type in “Advertising on PolymeriOnline Blog" If you require further information you can contact me at and i will be happy to assist you in any question!

Let's make every one know about your beautiful art! canes, jewelry, sculpturings - anything polymer clay!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Polymeri Online 13.3.09

Brazilian Ceramica Plastica (name?) says she creates and develops what it is possible to imagine using the incredible raw material: polymer clay. Besides the clay she creates pieces in felt and cloth. Her elephants are so colorful and beautiful!

Patricia Rose is first and foremost a sculptor. Her love for dolls came only after a quest to combine all of her interests and skills into one profession. She considers herself very fortunate to have discovered this world of dolls which has enabled her to follow her passion for art and also express who she is, she's got some cool Free tutorials in her site to all who want to learn to sculpt pretty dolls!

Stacey Hough Born into a family of creative people, Stacey has always had a love for all things handmade. From a young age she was inspired by her mother and grandmother's love of craft and making things. In her teenage years Stacey discovered her love of beads, and her fascination with jewelry has been never ending since. Working as an apprentice at a local jewelry store, throughout high school, Stacey gathered skills and started making designs of her own. Currently she is pursuing a dual degree in Fine Metals and Art Education at Kutztown University.

How to make a miniature "ghost witch" from polymer clay - a youtube movie from MiniMaker Anderson blog -
check out this tutorial too!

Julie is a mother of 2 boys. she is an artist that likes to make jewelry, mosaics and paint in watercolor.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Polymeri Online 5.3.09

Tatiana Franchi from São Paulo, Brasil, makes caricature sculpturings and faces with polymer clay, she is doing a great job with some provocative sculpturing too ;)

biork_ml / nikolaeva lubov is making amazing dolls sculpturings, her figures look like real people,

Billy's art is a little scary, "dark art", his resume says that he is a Co-owner in Artists Inc. a custom art studio specializing in the fabrication of artwwork for clients such as museums, zoos, aquariums, libraries, (more on his list). their services include sculpture/pattern generation, mold-making/casting, models/prototypes and so on... you can find in Billy's flickr the photos of sweet sweet Clair which is definetly the "opposite type" comparing to his polymer clay "people".

Another sculpturer is Nancy Vogel which together with photographer Erica Lea make "Nature Visions". Dogs and other animals are their speciality.

Project! cane of the week by dorasexplorations!

thank you for your help in choosing my avatar! the beads are staying! :)