Monday, March 23, 2009

Discussing Christi Friesen's book - "polymer clay and mix media - together at last"

Lisa clarke had an interesting post in her polka dot cottage few weeks ago, she was discussing book covers, the book discussed was Christi Friesen's book - "polymer clay and mix media - together at last".
Since i am also a graphic designer, it's the first think i am looking at, and as a book lover i wanted to say some words about the issue.
Lisa offered this book as a gift to one of the commenters - and yay! :) i won "the lottory" and got the book yesterday by mail (thank you so much lisa)

I had the whole day looking and reading Christi's book, with her special humor and such a unique art talent. i loved the book, it is full of projects (exacly my kind of book), they are presented with beautiful photos and Christi's special (and clear) way of writting and cute funny drawings.

I do think that her beautiful pieces should be presented more colorfully on this book cover, similar to her other books. There are so many gorgous photos in there, choosing different colors would make this book look much more appealing & "tailored" to it's content - look like a fancy dress. i loved her other book designs - they are so "exactly her".

It was important to me to share my joy from her book and thank her for sharing her art & beauty with us. I hope in my heart that Christi is not disappointed from this bit of critics, i hate doing that, i don't want to make her beautiful face sad.

This is an important issue, and i must say i am not experienced with working along with publishers, do artists allowed to say their opinion about their own book design? or is it a choice of the editor? i don't know.

if you are a Christi Friesen's fan (and i am) buy it with confident, she is the best!