Friday, January 20, 2012

Frankfurt, Here I Come! :)

You can never know what will be the result of a small local showcase.

I am so excited to share with you the news:
In exactly 6 days I will be on my way to Germany for a very special event as a guest artist of Staedtler - The "Creative World" 2012 fair.
But first things first, here is some background -

A while ago our local FIMO importer along with Staedtler Germany and the Israeli polymer clay guild held an event discussing new trends in the polymer clay world and introducing new materials by Staedtler.

The event included demonstrations, goody bags (of course!) and artistic showcase by the local Israeli polymer clay guild members.
Since I was in the middle of my "Bags Fever Season", I chose to present 3 of my "Brocade Collection" pouches, in 3 different sizes.

At the end of the event, one of Staedtler representatives approached me and complimented me on the unique design of the bags, asked technical questions about the design, technique and materials, and then we said goodbye and I returned home.

Few weeks later, I got an email from Staedtler asking me to be their presenter and guest artist in "Creative World 2012" trade fair, taking place at the end of January in Frankfurt, Germany.
This show is introducing new trend of hobbies, as well as providing interesting workshops and live demonstrations, and they asked me to showcase my unique purses designs.

As you can guess I was very proud and happy to accept this wonderful offer!

The fair will take place on 28-31Jan @ Messe Frankfurt, with more than 50,000 people from all over the world coming, I will demonstrate my special flower canning and the "Brocade Collection" purses, giving a glimpse to an endless world of possibilities.

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on new bag designs using the new FIMO texture sheets, these sheets are wonderful, easy to use and they include fabulous new designs and patterns such as leather pattern, wood, crocodile skin, music notes, lace, baroque designs and many more!

The bags colors were influenced by the new color palette by FIMO (pastel colors) using new combinations and shapes (glasses bag).

In addition, I contributed my own edition of elegant fountain pens, which will be soon available in stores and joining the great collection of accessories by Staedtler.

This event is going to be a wonderful artistic experience, I hope I'll have some time to see a bit of that "creative goods" and I promise to keep you posted.

More photos of my new designs can be seen in my flickr gallery @

If you get the chance to come and visit, or live close to Frankfurt - Please come and say hello!
I will be more than happy to see polymer friends! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Polymeri Online 17.1.12 | Red dotted acorns, Sleeping cat tutorial, Pirate decoration & 19 steps face cane tutorial

Don't you just love these adorable red ornaments acorns?
Patricia Buzo is the creator behind Doodle Bird's terrarium designs, She comes from a long line of artistically-minded family and originally started out as a watercolor artist in her teens, In 2008 she began to have health issues and started looking into other creative avenues. These acorns are made with real acorn caps and polymer clay, the "nut" is sculpted to fit perfectly into it's cap.

Cara Hayman's sleeping cat tutorial is a quick and easy project to play with, Cara used polymer clay since childhood creating tea sets and miniature food for her dolls house. Now as a stay at home mum she finally finds the time to develop her passion for polymer.

Bébelles de Lou's flickr tutorials "folder" is filled with cute ideas, you are welcome to check out her blog for more projects.

And another quick tutorial project for a face cane by Galka Vasina, 19 steps and you're all done! ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The new PolyPediaOnline eCatalog - With 37 tutorials, how could you not get creative?

Polymer clay, as a new material in the craft world, is constantly evolving.
New ideas, new techniques, tricks and tips; Inspiration and innovation are a part of our daily life as artists in heart and soul.

I feel very fortunate to be "an ambassador" in the polymer clay world and introduce these new ideas to you, challenging you to pull your artistic limits to new dimensions.
PolyPediaOnline is celebrating 2 years now, growing bigger and slowly becoming the most detailed and comprehensive polymer clay teaching resource online.
It's only obvious that the need to organize all the materials offered in the website is becoming a-must.

In a special project I summarized all the information on the 37 tutorials, dozens projects, kits, videos and PDF's and gathered them in a single PDF file available for free download -The PolyPediaOnline eCatalog.
This eCatalog will help you find your preferred subjects and go through the complete variety of the tutorials offered in PolyPediaOnline website in an organized file including vol. numbers, class level and details.

If you want to learn new techniques in polymer clay, improve your skills, find out the most important time saving tips; or maybe you want to become an expert, and turn your hobby to your livelihood - You are welcome to join the thousands of PolyPediaOnline members and hundreds of students and choose from the 37 most innovative, informative, up-to-date, advanced and high-quality tutorials offered online.

The eCatalog is organized according to vol. numbers or subjects, under each tutorial you will find an active link to direct you to PolyPediaOnline website for more details and pricing. Some tutorials have special deals or bundles so check them out.

For the special launch of the eCatalog I will be offering a one-time discount of 15% off all my tutorials for 1 week only- until 21 Jan 2012!
This special discount will give you the option to purchase your "wish list" tutorials in a special discounted price even if you missed their launching promo sales.

Mention "eCatalog SALE" in the message to the seller and a 15% refund will be send to you in PayPal.

I am certain that you will find a new and exciting technique you wish to learn and give yourself a special gift that will upgrade your polymer clay skills.

As always, I will be happy to answer any question or query regarding my master classes, and if you have a special request, please email me to and I will consider creating a special tutorial matching your request! :)

Let me know what you think about the eCatalog!
If you think something is missing or you found a mistake - I'd be happy to know.

Thank you!
Iris :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Polymeri Online 5.1.12 | 3D beads, Watercolor jewelry, Knitted doll brooches, Polymer razor art

Conny lives in northern Germany and has some eye catching designs on her website and flickr gallery, her mokume gane beads are perfect and I loved her recent design made of small circles placed in layers, giving a wonderful 3D feel to the clay. Take a look a her flickr and you'll find lot's of goodies.

Alica's water color beads and necklace looks like wrapped pearls, the turquoise shades and creamy spacers reminds me of a clear clear sea shore water with white-creamy sand.
If you need a reminder on the technique, here is Maggie Maggio's tutorial to create the watercolor beads.

Irina Rybak from Ukraine creates funny brooches that will make you smile, they are "polymer knitted" with scarves, sweat-shirts and hats. so cute!

Take a look at what can be created from the handles of razors! Beautiful lines, designs and textures! Marlene Brady was featured about 2 weeks ago and this one is another treasure of hers! Time to go "shave'in"! LOL ;)

I am working like crazy on new samples to a new event I will be attending abroad in 3 weeks, more details (and photos!) soon :)

Clay away!