Thursday, January 5, 2012

Polymeri Online 5.1.12 | 3D beads, Watercolor jewelry, Knitted doll brooches, Polymer razor art

Conny lives in northern Germany and has some eye catching designs on her website and flickr gallery, her mokume gane beads are perfect and I loved her recent design made of small circles placed in layers, giving a wonderful 3D feel to the clay. Take a look a her flickr and you'll find lot's of goodies.

Alica's water color beads and necklace looks like wrapped pearls, the turquoise shades and creamy spacers reminds me of a clear clear sea shore water with white-creamy sand.
If you need a reminder on the technique, here is Maggie Maggio's tutorial to create the watercolor beads.

Irina Rybak from Ukraine creates funny brooches that will make you smile, they are "polymer knitted" with scarves, sweat-shirts and hats. so cute!

Take a look at what can be created from the handles of razors! Beautiful lines, designs and textures! Marlene Brady was featured about 2 weeks ago and this one is another treasure of hers! Time to go "shave'in"! LOL ;)

I am working like crazy on new samples to a new event I will be attending abroad in 3 weeks, more details (and photos!) soon :)

Clay away!

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  1. Once again, thank you so much Iris! I am so happy to be on your blog! -Marlene