Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Polymeri Online 28.12.11 | Irregular polymer earrings, Particles necklace, Nuna the cat and Naive jewelry

Jillian Moore designs has special irregular amorphous shapes, earrings, beads, brooches, no standard beads and jewelry in her gallery, she works with polymer clay, resin, paints and sometimes foam to build her ooak designs.

Veruschka is the artist behind Veru Designs polymer clay jewelry, There is a very unique story that precedes the birth of every necklace, bracelet or ring which determines its shape, size, coloring and meaning. According to her, In the necklace shown here, it's "the beauty of tiny creatures in the microscopic universe: particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. Each of the five "bulbs" in this necklace are inspired by a handful of these strangely creatures, in an effort to make this invisible world visible to the human eye".

Kathy De WitSint-Pauwels from Belgium is an illustrator, designer and dreamer lives in a little village in the northern part of Belgium. NUNA was born out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrylics. I admire such kind of painting, it's amazing how many details in such a small piece!

Matilda Broz is from Stockholm, but living in sunny Montenegro, like many of the artists she got an university degree in another field (law), but upon realizing that law is not for her she dedicate her energy to design. She works as a graphic designer in an advertising company, but in her spare time she plays with fimo and wire. Her Etsy and Flickr are full of hand painted delights, cute designs that reminds me children books. I loved her birds studs!

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!


  1. Wow! Amazing blog! Congratulations :) I work with polymer clay too. Take a look to my Etsy shop, please! Thank you so much