Friday, December 2, 2011

How a trip to the gardening nursery gave birth to 14 new canes

The Enchanted Garden project was born after a visit to a gardening nursery.
My friend was celebrating her birthday and when I asked her what is her preferred gift, she said - "buy me a nice plant for my living room, something to grow indoors".

While looking around for the right plant, I noticed one special plant with unusual leaf shape and pattern. This leaf almost looked like plastic! I couldn't believe such a plant is real, so I asked the salesman and he told me it's name was "Maranta", "Red Maranta" plant.

That sparkled an idea in my mind -
I'll create a special tutorial for unique, fantasy leaves canes!

I started a quest in search for exotic flowers and leaves, transforming them to polymer clay canes.
Advanced, sophisticated, un-usual, imaginary designs with surprising colors you won't see in nature.

When I sat at my clay table, I started with the traditional "greens" and slowly found myself "wandering" towards vibrant colors and "delicious" patterns. Planning is one thing and muse is a whole different matter.

All these fun experiments produced 14 quality classes for creating magical leaf canes.
After creating several leaves, I started playing with them, shaping them into flowers and they looked beautiful! Leaves that turn into petals that turn into flowers!
Create one cane - get 3 options! Leaves, petals & flowers!

In this new set of tutorials, there are no traditional everyday flowers!
In the "Enchanted Garden" you will discover imaginary, marvelous canes that will spark your inspiration and give you endless new ideas for your next designs and polymer clay projects.


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