Monday, December 12, 2011

Polymeri Online 12.12.11 | Crown pin, Gauged ears earrings, Embossed pendant tutorial, Fun memory game & Enchanted Garden giveaway

Getting ready for the holiday, here is a super cute polymer clay crown pin for a little princess by Daria. Daria is from Kyiv, Ukraine and designs stuff as far as she remembers, first clothes and accessories for her dolls, fabric flowers, drawing, beading and so much more! she graduated from Fine arts school but choose another way and has PhD in molecular biology. Now, as a stay at home mom, she finds the time to create jewelry, some with polymer clay.

These earrings by PeachTreats made me take a 2nd look. At first, I couldn't find how to insert them into the ear, then I realized, that she makes earrings for both gauged ears and for regular pierced ears. if you aren’t sure what she means by “gauged ears”—that is when the earring hole is stretched. They are all made of polymer clay!

Elsita posted an interesting tutorial on using both paper and polymer to create an interesting pendant. She is tracing a drawing on paper, cutting and pressing the paper against the polymer to create an embossed design. Looks like a wonderful project!

Here is a fun memory game project, originally not created with polymer clay but we can do the same with clay. Take identical coins (use the smallest exchange you have) and glue on it a pre-baked polymer clay design that matches in size and color or pattern - 2 of each. Now you have a wonderful memory game to play with the children!

I was a "proud mom" this week! 2 of my students - Fimomaus and chiccolove made wonderful "Enchanted Garden" canes and even held a competition between them who's going to be first to create them all! They were sure fast like a pasta machine motor! :)

The "Enchanted Garden" special holiday sale is still on with few giveaway sets left!