Thursday, June 28, 2012

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INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Luminous Metallics - Alcohol inks and polymer clay
Life is full of surprises when it comes to sharing your art passion, I always have this feeling when I see a new customer from a new country join in.
I am fortunate to have students from all over the world and even countries Israel doesn't have diplomatic relations with.
Today I "met" my 1st customer from China purchasing the INKredible tutorials!
It's a small world! :)

OK, I know I should be moving on the my next projects but these alcohol inks got into my blood system! I just can't stop working with it! :)

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Flower Power Alcohol Inks and
Polymer Clay Pendants

Here is another necklace made in the Luminous Metallic technique (see above) and more "Flower Power" pendants sent as giveaways to all my customers;

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Tear Drops Necklace
Polymer clay and alcohol inks

The Teardrop necklace using several inking techniques and round beads (below) using alcohol inks and.... sea salt! I had to try mixing salt with the ink in the same way it is used in silk painting techniques - it doesn't look the same but that's another way of using salt!

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Polymer clay beads
Alcohol inks and sea salt!

Last project made 2 days ago was the TRIO pin with 3 layers of inked sheets and a matching earring set.

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
TRIO pin and earring set

Now I have to move on and do something else! :)

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Polymeri Online 23.6.12 | Hunger games polymer, Round PearlEx mirror, Pins curtain display, HUGE candy canes video and Reverse impression tutorial

Hunger Games Polymer
Clay Pendant
Ghie-Trinket Tales, a phillipins polymer clay artist and a chemist by profession presents a nice collection of polymer clay designs in her Flickr gallery - mirrors, pens, steampunk and jewelry, I loved her hunger game themed pendant! (don't tell anyone but I read all 3 books ;)

Polymer Clay Round Mirror
After making my own new mirror, I found another beautiful stylish round mirror project (although from 2008) by The Artful Eye (couldn't find her/his name), The finished piece measures 14" in diameter and clay pieces were adhered with  glue. Most of the clay pieces have been painted with PearlEx powdered pigments.
Curtain Pins Display

Not sure it's polymer but take a look at m.misheva's wonderful fabric curtain used as a display for pins.
I think the pins shown here are made of polymer clay although she works with felt as well.
This decoration can be used both to your home curtains and as pins display in your studio.

Reducing HUGE candy canes!
The next YouTube video was recently posted in the Israeli guild site by polymer artist Efi Warsh after returning from Amsterdam.
The video shows Papabubble Amsterdam creation of their HUGE candy canes. Did I say HUGE? These are gigantic canes! amazing!

Another video posted in the Israeli site was Lisa Pavelka's YouTube tutorial for using her texture sheets to create reverse impressions. Thank you Liat Ripp for this reminder :)
Polymer Clay Reverse Impressions

You can also see a design made in this technique by Angela Hickey, she made this barrette by first making a reverse impression using a Lisa's rubber stamp. Next filled in the impression using Kato liquid clay tinted with mica powders.
Her Flickr gallery shows many of her recent creations using this technique -

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

INKredible Polymer | NEW Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial

Long before the era of digital age, with laptops, ipads and smart phones, there was only INK.
Incredible, isn't it?

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
Can you imagine how the world would look like without INK?

Books, newspapers, love letters, piano notes, symphonies and art paintings might look different from how you know them theses days.
INK made the whole difference.

Thousands of years ago, the human kind began using ink for writing.
This was the beginning of a wonderful journey for this fascinating material, and for the last months, also for me.

My new tutorial is dedicated to a unique relationship between polymer clay and INK -

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
I am happy to reveal my quest discoveries, while exploring, using, mixing, nearly fighting to turn Inked polymer clay into a new chemistry element :)

Although I was a complete beginner using alcohol inks 3 months ago, a special request by a friend introduced me into a new adventure.

Studying, researching, experimenting, practicing, mixing, and learning all about Alcohol inks, head to tow, top to bottom.

INKredible Polymer!
Alcohol Inks Polymer Clay Tutorial
My 3 months journey and insights are offered to you in these INKredible classes.

Click here to reveal the INK secrets...

The complete package includes -
3 INKredible classes; 15 exciting projects, 8 videos and 40 giveaway pendants to celebrate my 40th tutorials anniversary.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Polymeri Online 10.6.12 | Marriage in polymer, Octopus in your hair, Red dragon class and Cute zombie earrings

Les Folles Marquises happy polymer couple

Les Folles Marquises is sharing with us in detail, her full process of creating Katia and Even marriage figurines (are these the people or dolls names? :)
You will see her armature building, decorations, paintings, tools, hair-do, makeup and face expressions. It's like a cartoons come to life!
Take a look at her jewelry collection and blog -

Watch out! Octopus in your hair!
tinfoilhalo (Brandee) likes octopuses - hair ornaments, pendants, bracelets, necklaces - it's all about these prehistoric animals and colorful ones.
Additional sea creatures are in her flickr gallery - Jellyfish in all kinds of styles and other beautiful animals, one of them is a SSB hair ornament. I was wondering what a SSB is?...

Polymer clat Red Dragon master class
Ready for a Dragon master class? This one is by Eugene Hontor (I hope I am correct), who master sculpture, drawings & poems. In addition, enjoys creating fantasy worlds and fantasy stories.
Written in russion, you can use a web translator to follow the steps.

Polymer clay zombie invasion earring
Rocksterize is selling colorful and vibrant handmade mineral pigments & eye shadows and also hand crafted polymer clay jewelry, her etsy store is currently stocked with pigments only, but a dig in her sold items brought these quite cute "Zombie Invasion Earrings" along with other of their robotic friends.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How a walk on 5th Av. ended up with a changeable polymer clay earring set - FREE video

My best PR comes from my close friends :)

Free tutorial!
Polymer clay loop earrings with flower decorations
While visiting US with my family, I took a day off to take a walk on Manhattan streets.
5th & 6th Av. were my natural choice with endless findings stores, jewelry, beads and many more.

One of my purchases were huge loop earrings I saw many of the women wear.

I had to make an earring set to myself just to see how they look on me.
Then, I went to see a close friend, have a cup of coffee and she said immediately - "PLEASE, can you make one for me too?" (plus a big please smile)

I couldn't refuse her request and knew she is my best PR friend, so I went to create several sets for her (and myself) taking the opportunity to video the project as a free tutorial to you.

B&W Flowers on earring loops
Stripy flower earrings!
This 18 minutes earrings project is very easy to create and you can use any color, pattern, shape or technique when creating your polymer clay decoration to match any outfit you wear.
Stripes are only one option! you can use your millefiori flower canes, kaleidoscope canes, stamps, texture - anything will fit this design.

Go ahead and give it a try!

P.S - In a week or so I will be posting my new & extensive tutorial class, celebrating my 40th one.
Many weeks of preparations and investigation - materials and techniques were a part of this journey to bring you the best tutorials.

See you in a just a bit!

Here is the video link -

Have fun!