Sunday, June 10, 2012

Polymeri Online 10.6.12 | Marriage in polymer, Octopus in your hair, Red dragon class and Cute zombie earrings

Les Folles Marquises happy polymer couple

Les Folles Marquises is sharing with us in detail, her full process of creating Katia and Even marriage figurines (are these the people or dolls names? :)
You will see her armature building, decorations, paintings, tools, hair-do, makeup and face expressions. It's like a cartoons come to life!
Take a look at her jewelry collection and blog -

Watch out! Octopus in your hair!
tinfoilhalo (Brandee) likes octopuses - hair ornaments, pendants, bracelets, necklaces - it's all about these prehistoric animals and colorful ones.
Additional sea creatures are in her flickr gallery - Jellyfish in all kinds of styles and other beautiful animals, one of them is a SSB hair ornament. I was wondering what a SSB is?...

Polymer clat Red Dragon master class
Ready for a Dragon master class? This one is by Eugene Hontor (I hope I am correct), who master sculpture, drawings & poems. In addition, enjoys creating fantasy worlds and fantasy stories.
Written in russion, you can use a web translator to follow the steps.

Polymer clay zombie invasion earring
Rocksterize is selling colorful and vibrant handmade mineral pigments & eye shadows and also hand crafted polymer clay jewelry, her etsy store is currently stocked with pigments only, but a dig in her sold items brought these quite cute "Zombie Invasion Earrings" along with other of their robotic friends.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


  1. Thank you very much Iris for writing about my little wedding couple !

  2. Thanks for featuring my octopus hair piece, Iris! I just linked to the article on my Facebook page at

    And to answer your question an SSB stands for "Scary Swamp Beast". I explain it on this image:

    Kind of silly, I know :)