Thursday, June 28, 2012

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INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Luminous Metallics - Alcohol inks and polymer clay
Life is full of surprises when it comes to sharing your art passion, I always have this feeling when I see a new customer from a new country join in.
I am fortunate to have students from all over the world and even countries Israel doesn't have diplomatic relations with.
Today I "met" my 1st customer from China purchasing the INKredible tutorials!
It's a small world! :)

OK, I know I should be moving on the my next projects but these alcohol inks got into my blood system! I just can't stop working with it! :)

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Flower Power Alcohol Inks and
Polymer Clay Pendants

Here is another necklace made in the Luminous Metallic technique (see above) and more "Flower Power" pendants sent as giveaways to all my customers;

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Tear Drops Necklace
Polymer clay and alcohol inks

The Teardrop necklace using several inking techniques and round beads (below) using alcohol inks and.... sea salt! I had to try mixing salt with the ink in the same way it is used in silk painting techniques - it doesn't look the same but that's another way of using salt!

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
Polymer clay beads
Alcohol inks and sea salt!

Last project made 2 days ago was the TRIO pin with 3 layers of inked sheets and a matching earring set.

INKredible polymer clay alcohol inks tutorial
TRIO pin and earring set

Now I have to move on and do something else! :)

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