Sunday, July 1, 2012

Polymeri Online 1.7.12 | Polymer clay fish ponds, Fun jewelry and accessories, Miniature 3D painting and Plant pot tutorial

Polymer Clay Fish Pond - Suzanne Baer

I have been seeing lot's of polymer clay fish ponds lately :)
Here is one by Suzanne Baer, according to her It is an underwater world inside a jar. It took quite a while to create but she enjoyed every minute.
This pond will be shown at an exhibit at the Drahtzug on September 6th 2012.

Polymer Clay Fish Pond - TinyStuff
TinyStuff also posted her polymer clay fish ponds in her flickr gallery, take a look at her cool looking polymer clay cuffs.

Polymer SailBoat ribbon
Speaking of sea and fish ponds, Creashine store sure looks like a fun summer visit at the beach. The live colors, sailboat ribbons, seagull flying ring - so cute!
I love Stacey's use of the metal elements embedded in the clay!

Miniature 3D Paintings
Sheryl Retener Contridas is the owner of "Sugared Lipz" creating small kawaii miniature painting and adorable accessories, these tiny creations always makes me wonder if these artists have a special pair of miniatures hands...

Polymer Clay Plant Pot Tutorial
Get your mellon scoop ready for another miniature project - a plant pot tutorial!
This cute decoration doesn't need too much space and will color your desk or shelf with a touch of nature :)
Lot's of tutorials (most non polymer) are offered in Transientexpression blog.

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  1. Thanks for all these wunderfull and amazing polymare clay ideas. I am really overwhelmed by this work! - veronika