Saturday, July 21, 2012

Polymeri Online 21.7.12 | Fantasy dolls, Creepy wall art, Embroidery inspired brooch and Wedding cake replicas

Polymer clay doll
SandraArteagA is a spanish doll maker artist. Her dolls are not the traditional ones you would expect when thinking of a "doll", they are all born in Sandra's heart and have a fantasy character of their own. Each with it's own special  design.
Sandra's dolls are made of polymer clay or paper, dressed in fabrics and cloths.
In her polymer clay creations she sculpts over a strong armature covered with polyfil, allowing repositioning some parts of the body.

Polymer clay creepy wall ornaments
CreepyStuff creates revamped weirdness, creatures, monsters & Halloween goodies. All their creepy witches, devils and zobmies are handmade without molds and are hand-painted. Halloween is getting closer!

Polymer clay embroidery brooch
And to a totally different look - The ClayLoft are a polymer clay sculpture shop dedicated to purposeful jewelry & colorful accessories. Their soft colors and pleasant designs are "an emotional eye therapy", here is one of them, a vintage embroidery inspired brooch.

Polymer clay wedding cake replica
Jessieraye is a polymer miniature food expert, she can take a photo of your wedding cake and create a matching replica!
This is a wonderful wedding/anniversary gift :)
There is a LOT of sugar in Jessie's Etsy store, take a look around.