Sunday, July 8, 2012

Polymeri Online 8.7.12 | DIY Millefiori Slicer, Glow in the dark house, Leather-Polymer cuff and Orchid flower tutorial

Millefiori Slicer!
I saw this upgraded cane slicer at Randee M Ketzel flickr, this is her solution for thin and stable millefiori slicing. 
According to her, this tool makes slicing a whole lot less effort, and much more consistent and your blade won't wobble. worth a try!

Polymer Clay House Brooches
Spanish megustafimo (Laura) posted a picture of her recent project -150 small, colorful brooches. The house windows are "glow in the dark" fimo.
You can get the idea of their size in this photo
b.t.w - Megusta in spanish means - I like :)
her blog -
Here is another one of her posts creating Cala pins, shown here inside a plant pot, I am not sure if they are supposed to be cloth pins or pot decorations but it sure is a great idea to use it for both.

Patty Barnes Polymer-Leather Cuff
I had to take a second look at Patty Barnes leather bracelet - Leather or polymer? checking the small indentations and faux zipper made me 99% certain it's polymer - what do you think?
Then Patty posted this photo and I got my answer!

Polymer Clay Orchid Flower Tutorial
Here is a polymer orchid flower tutorial taken from Kutatic russion blog.
I liked the petal holders: rolling a stapled paper and placing under. Kutatic is mostly working with metal parts but posting about her polymer clay work from time to time.

Have a cool and nice day!


  1. Hello! I was surprised and delighted to find this quote to my blog and my polymer clay houses!
    I'm glad you liked my stuff from fimo and coves pins to decorate plants :-)
    Warm greetings from southern Spain,

    Laura (megustafimo)

  2. Iris, greeting from Texas! I wondered why my flckr site spiked today..:) Let me hasten to add that I picked up that tip about using the sawframe from (I Believe) Cynthia Blanton's blog--and yes, does it work so fine--but I think the original idea came from Grant Diffendaffer.(who says you should seat your tissue blade deeper than I have it, for safety condsiderations)