Thursday, July 28, 2011

Polymeri Online 28.7.11 | Mosaic with 6 kids, Carving beads, Carnivorous beads and Egypt god decoration

Sandy loved polymer clay ever since her daughter introduced it to her quite a while ago, she is creating one of a kind pieces, faces, masks and wall decorations (photo: Solar God of Ancient Egypt), in addition to cute small figurines.

Kael Mijoy, a mother to 6 kids ages 2-14 and a cat, is running a home computer repair business with her husband, homeschooling the older kids, play with the younger kids, and pretty much ignore the cat, BUT she has some time to clay!She has generously shared her cool mosaic technique with us, I think she has more than 24 hours a day! :)

Elena Aleshina is a lawyer from Moscow, Russia, her wonderful looking polymer clay beads look like carved using a lathe but I'm not certain that is her technique. very interesting.

Denise Scheiben is from Switzerland, working with polymer clay since 2007, when I first saw her red necklace some how I was thinking about Carnivorous plants! The red halves of the beads seemed like they are planning to take a bite! :) I loved the colors and combination of beads & wire!
Check out her mesh jewelry too, as you know I love mesh with polymer clay :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polymeri Online 19.7.11 | Walk on Clay, Talking Faces, Hibiscus Flower Tut and Graphic Necklace Design

Violette Laporte from Canada has a great tip for softening very very old clay.
Even after you roll it in the pasta machine, If it is still crumbly, we are moving to the heavy artillery ;) take your clay, place it in a plastic bag with all the crumbs and pieces, form a ball inside the bag, take a good pair of shoes and yourself in the shoes (the heavier the better!) and squish the ball to flat! after several times (from ball to flat) you are done with your daily exercise and the clay is ready to be inserted in the pasta machine! how about that?!
Violette has some other interesting experimental designs in her blog, take a half of hour (or more) to browse it.
If you are looking for more tips for rolling stiff clay, you can see my tip as well in PolyPediaOnline TV in YouTube.

A mans face appears out of the tile; A face emerging from a leaf; Face Pendant - ReedDesigns Etsy's gallery is "telling us something", the faces expression, colors, eyes shape - talking faces.

ZudaGay posted a tutorial on how to create a hibiscus flower using main polymer core and petals around it, Thank you Tonja for this link!

Polyette's graphic necklace has beautiful color combination, dots and shapes. I can imagine how stylish it will look on a white dress!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Polymeri Online 8.7.11 | Dori Csengeri in PC, Fantasy art in swirling, mix media with polymer and clay flowers

Art-rukodelie from Russia made a tutorial inspired by Dori Csengeri using stones, beads of different shapes and using polymer clay strips instead of ribbons.
Dori Csengeri is known for her elaborated colorful looking jewelry and this tutorial is another proof that everything is possible with polymer clay! :)
Don't forget to check her Puzzle cane tutorial for more fun stuff!

Jane Priser creates original fantasy art, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, greeting cards and prints. She is all for being confident, express yourself, be special, unique and she is certain that life can be much better with this mind set, it's all a matter of our perspective!
Her sculpturing are filled with thin swirling and twirling lines of many clay colors - spectacular!

Maria Ivanova (vokade) is sharing in her flickr website photos from the bulgarian polymer clay workshop with Isabela Nowak and Martina Mahdavi, as well as her unique designs - raffled beads and bracelets, decoupage work and mix media art with polymer clay - fun!

There is something magical about polymer clay flowers, I can almost smell their scent. Katerina is working both with polymer clay and deco craft clay (which is an air dry clay) to create her flowers bouquets.
and this link will lead you to a colorful flower group using clay, deco clay, cold porcelain and many more -

I'm off to family and friends camping this weekend, tents and sleeping bags - wish me luck! (i'll need it!)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Polymeri Online 2.7.11 | Disc-Chic Jewelry, Dolls Tutorials, Miniatures and Monster Beasties

Suzanne Baer is a dear friend and a loyal PolyPediaOnline customer. We exchanged several emails and I had so much pleasure in looking at her polymer clay work.
She discovered polymer clay about 8 or 9 months ago and soon it has become her main hobby. She has taken classes with Jana Lehmann, loves Christi Friesen dragons and now into making her own jewelry, recently using my Disc-Chic jewelry tutorial. She is having fun with seed beads, stamps, glitter and creating metal bezeled beads into beautiful jewelry.

Amanda DeVirgilio has been a doll artist for over 7 years. Illness forced her to find a way to make money from home and creating art was all she could manage. When she first
started sculpting, there was a severe lack of free online tutorials to help young doll makers learn the artform. She is constantly working on her site and her goal is to provide you with an arsenal of free beginner tutorials enabling you to start making your own dolls.
eyes, armatures, fantasy art, faces -

Alexandra Christensen's favorite things to do outside of making OOAK miniatures is skateboard, She volunteers several times a week with kids in a Christian skateboard ministry. She says she loves flying down the ramps at break-neck speed and dropping into a 5.5 ft bowl (which is an empty pool)! OMG, my bones are cracking just to think of it! Her Etsy store is full of wonderful earring tree displays and other sculpted miniatures made from Sculpey and polymer Clay.

In HappyMoonBelly Creations Etsy store by Jennifer Clark you will find a place full of miniature whimsical monster beastie creatures and fun yeti's. All miniature sculptures are hand-crafted using no molds. Take a look at her beautiful Gooberzillas! :)