Friday, July 8, 2011

Polymeri Online 8.7.11 | Dori Csengeri in PC, Fantasy art in swirling, mix media with polymer and clay flowers

Art-rukodelie from Russia made a tutorial inspired by Dori Csengeri using stones, beads of different shapes and using polymer clay strips instead of ribbons.
Dori Csengeri is known for her elaborated colorful looking jewelry and this tutorial is another proof that everything is possible with polymer clay! :)
Don't forget to check her Puzzle cane tutorial for more fun stuff!

Jane Priser creates original fantasy art, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, greeting cards and prints. She is all for being confident, express yourself, be special, unique and she is certain that life can be much better with this mind set, it's all a matter of our perspective!
Her sculpturing are filled with thin swirling and twirling lines of many clay colors - spectacular!

Maria Ivanova (vokade) is sharing in her flickr website photos from the bulgarian polymer clay workshop with Isabela Nowak and Martina Mahdavi, as well as her unique designs - raffled beads and bracelets, decoupage work and mix media art with polymer clay - fun!

There is something magical about polymer clay flowers, I can almost smell their scent. Katerina is working both with polymer clay and deco craft clay (which is an air dry clay) to create her flowers bouquets.
and this link will lead you to a colorful flower group using clay, deco clay, cold porcelain and many more -

I'm off to family and friends camping this weekend, tents and sleeping bags - wish me luck! (i'll need it!)


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