Thursday, July 28, 2011

Polymeri Online 28.7.11 | Mosaic with 6 kids, Carving beads, Carnivorous beads and Egypt god decoration

Sandy loved polymer clay ever since her daughter introduced it to her quite a while ago, she is creating one of a kind pieces, faces, masks and wall decorations (photo: Solar God of Ancient Egypt), in addition to cute small figurines.

Kael Mijoy, a mother to 6 kids ages 2-14 and a cat, is running a home computer repair business with her husband, homeschooling the older kids, play with the younger kids, and pretty much ignore the cat, BUT she has some time to clay!She has generously shared her cool mosaic technique with us, I think she has more than 24 hours a day! :)

Elena Aleshina is a lawyer from Moscow, Russia, her wonderful looking polymer clay beads look like carved using a lathe but I'm not certain that is her technique. very interesting.

Denise Scheiben is from Switzerland, working with polymer clay since 2007, when I first saw her red necklace some how I was thinking about Carnivorous plants! The red halves of the beads seemed like they are planning to take a bite! :) I loved the colors and combination of beads & wire!
Check out her mesh jewelry too, as you know I love mesh with polymer clay :)


  1. Love all the items you featured!! Fun to see my mom's (Sandy) work here, love the mask of hers that you chose to feature! Kael Mijoy does awesome work too! On my way to check out the other artist's you featured!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Iris, I was so surprised to see my mask on your blog. Thank you very much for featuring it. Your blog is so interesting and full of awesome Artists and their creations.

  3. Dear Iris, thanks that my beads have estimated! I did them for competition. I didn't use the lathe. They were made manually

  4. Thanks for including my mosaic technique. I'm honored to be among such wonderful artists!