Saturday, July 2, 2011

Polymeri Online 2.7.11 | Disc-Chic Jewelry, Dolls Tutorials, Miniatures and Monster Beasties

Suzanne Baer is a dear friend and a loyal PolyPediaOnline customer. We exchanged several emails and I had so much pleasure in looking at her polymer clay work.
She discovered polymer clay about 8 or 9 months ago and soon it has become her main hobby. She has taken classes with Jana Lehmann, loves Christi Friesen dragons and now into making her own jewelry, recently using my Disc-Chic jewelry tutorial. She is having fun with seed beads, stamps, glitter and creating metal bezeled beads into beautiful jewelry.

Amanda DeVirgilio has been a doll artist for over 7 years. Illness forced her to find a way to make money from home and creating art was all she could manage. When she first
started sculpting, there was a severe lack of free online tutorials to help young doll makers learn the artform. She is constantly working on her site and her goal is to provide you with an arsenal of free beginner tutorials enabling you to start making your own dolls.
eyes, armatures, fantasy art, faces -

Alexandra Christensen's favorite things to do outside of making OOAK miniatures is skateboard, She volunteers several times a week with kids in a Christian skateboard ministry. She says she loves flying down the ramps at break-neck speed and dropping into a 5.5 ft bowl (which is an empty pool)! OMG, my bones are cracking just to think of it! Her Etsy store is full of wonderful earring tree displays and other sculpted miniatures made from Sculpey and polymer Clay.

In HappyMoonBelly Creations Etsy store by Jennifer Clark you will find a place full of miniature whimsical monster beastie creatures and fun yeti's. All miniature sculptures are hand-crafted using no molds. Take a look at her beautiful Gooberzillas! :)


  1. I am actually amazed by those figures. Especially the woman. She's very lovely.

  2. I really love it. They are really cute. Great!