Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Will Those Mosquitoes Do Next?

Ever wondered If it's possible to create very thin polymer clay beads and forms that are strong, durable, flexible and light weight?

Actually, It's (almost!) impossible!

Guess what?
I developed a special technique allowing YOU to create the impossible!

When we were building our home several years ago, I noticed that the builders used a simple technique of pouring concrete to form walls using a metal mesh inside to reinforce it.
I watched them, not realizing that one day I’ll be using another form of that technique on my polymer clay creations.

A few years later I was looking for something to help me create a thin yet strong polymer clay piece that will not break after the first time it falls out of my hand. This was the result of my dropping a few delicate polymer clay beads on the floor, and being very upset because they broke could not be repaired.

As you probably know, polymer clay does not handle breakage well, and it was not bad luck on my part having those beads shattered to pieces, just a disadvantage of polymer clay. A disadvantage that caused me and many polymer clay artists to avoid creating delicate and thin pieces.

This really got me thinking, I wanted to find a way around the problem, not to avoid it.
Eventually the technique the builders used crossed my mind.


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