Saturday, June 25, 2011

Polymeri Online 25.6.11 | Pumpkin Beads, Ribbon Bracelet, Norwegian PC and Recycled Labyrinth

A cool fun and free tutorial by Slovenian artist Roberta Mohar for her wonderful pumpkin beads!

UK artist Hazel Ward started making polymer clay beads in 2009 after finding, like many of us, that she prefer to use artisan handmade beads in her jewelry designs.
Most of her art is based on millefiori canes, look at this ribbon style bracelet, and her blog is full of wonderful posts and tips for all us polymer clay lovers
and this one is definitely for all addicted PC people -

Christel Jensen is a Norwegian, married mother of two grown up girls. She has been claying since the 90-ties and written several craft books in norwegian, but that was a long time ago. Currently she is very busy building a new home and is excited about making a new studio in it!
You can find some of her miniature tutorials in Youtube - mini polymer teapots and cupcakes and jewelry in her blog.

This Fimo labyrinth using a CD case from Teri of Giddy Giddy for kids is a wonderful example of reuse and recycling. She shares several versions of maze styles, and I imagine kids would have fun coming up with their own as well! a summer vacation project!


  1. Thank you Iris for featuring my work on your super blog:) Have a nice weekend, hugs from Norway:)

  2. Thanks Iris!
    Just a note: there is also English version of tutorial, link can be found in my blog post!

  3. Thank you for featuring all of these artists and their wonderful work! I especially love those Pumpkin Beads!