Thursday, June 9, 2011

Polymeri Online 9.6.11 - Animal Kingdom!

Today's post is all about animals!

Polymer Clay by Deb & Co. features Deb, a polymer clay artist of 32 years and her cat, Felix. Deb shares her tips, tricks and secrets in her step by step tutorials. Here is one of her videos tutorials creating a polymer clay kitten -

Sofie grew up next door to her family's veterinary clinic.
Animals, both domestic and wild, have always been intrinsic to her world. She is a full-time artist who moonlights as an illustrator and a poupettiste (poupette maker).

Kirsten and Cortney, identical twin sisters have always enjoyed creating art together. From crayon rubbings as small children to works of art as adults, they have always given each other inspiration. They create paper clay & polymer clay folk art sculptures.

Tina creates cute whimsical animal figurines, jewelry and beads - look at this sweet cat!

And here is the last animal on the block - this time a real one!
Our new poodle puppy!
After many years I couldn't decide about this issue, I eventually "surrendered" to my sweet kids appeals, this is the new member of the Mishly family! "Buffy" (how original! - kids chose it :)
She passed with honor the "polymer bite" test and didn't eat a piece of clay from the studio floor!

Have a woof-derful weekend!

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  1. I love all the polymer clay artists work that you featured today! I especially love that kitty sculpture by Tina. Thank you for sharing!!

    The newest member of your family is adorable!! And it's really great that Buffy passed the 'polymer bite' test ~ Such a good girl!! :)