Saturday, April 27, 2013

Polymeri Online 27.4.13 | Watercolor meets polymer clay, Geometric buckles, Jewelry Making Daily free ebook, Frosting without calories and Glass eye tutorial

Flora and Fauna
Sarah-Lambert Cook is the creator of a jewelry series called "Flora and Fauna". Each piece in the "Flora & Fauna" collaboration collection is made using an original small watercolor painting by Sarah-Lambert Cook and a tiny clay sculpture by Laura Johnston of LeAnimalé. These produce a beautiful wearable design.

A tour on Pinterest led me to Arden Bardol Jewelry. According to her, she is mixing polymer with metal powders to produce unique colors and textures.
Arden Bardol polymer clay Buckles
Textures are rolled onto the polymer and an overlay/cut away process is used to add depth and pattern. She hand cuts and forms geometric shaped tiles that are layered and formed into small objects inspired at a literal level by nuts and bolts. Don't miss her buckles designs.

Jewelry Making Daily is sharing a 15 Pages ebook with 5 polymer clay projects by Ilene Goldman, Patricia Kimle, Donna Kato, Louise Fischer Cozzi and Sarajane Helm. All you have to do it join!

how to polymer clay frosting
Talty posted an easy tutorial to create polymer clay frosting using LOTS of liquid polymer clay. She has these tiny jars where she keeps her chocolate, vanilla or other frostings.
Miniature food is so cute!

how to glass eye for polymer clay projects
Have you seen Mandarin Duck (also called Aniko) Glass eye tutorial?
Aniko is the creator behind beautiful polymer clay journal covers. She is using glass eyes quite a lot in her designs and kindly shares with us how she does it. After watching the video is looks so easy :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Should We Save You a Seat? PolyPediaOnline is Expecting...

As you probably noticed, I am a bit of a perfectionist. :)

This means that I am incapable of sharing any of my tutorials unless they are cutting edge, comprehensive, unique and most importantly filled with tons and tons of innovative knowledge and techniques for you.

This does create a problem from time to time; 
because I really want to share my new discoveries with you, but all the research and trials take me quite some time to create for each new tutorial.

This time it took me almost 4 months...
Yup, this was quite a "baby"!

For the past weeks I found myself thinking as two.

No. I am not pregnant :)

I decided to create my next tutorial along with another polymer clay artist and friend.

Collaboration. Teamwork. Wow.
Collaboration is more than getting together to fuse your creative energy into new work, it doesn't just happen in one day - it’s a long, committing process.

This process, allowed both of us to experiment, take chances, and learn from each other.

This powerful partnership has the ability to generate massive creativity and result in an expanded, well thought out concept.

So now, we are in the final stages of creating this new tutorials set.

As always it offers lots of beautiful projects, comprehensive videos and doubled creativity.

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with this new technique we will be revealing in a couple of weeks. I know I have.

I can't say much (yet) so hold your breath for a fortnight and all shall be revealed....
Meanwhile you are welcome to sharp your blades and get lots of white and cream color polymer clay!

As you wait (don't bite your nails!), I am offering a special discount of 15% that will be available for the next week until April 30th.

45 tutorials are waiting for you to be discovered - 
Press here to learn a new technique and choose your next project - 

This is your one chance to purchase your desired class at a special reduced price.

** The 15% discount refund will be sent back to you on PayPal;
**Enter CODE "15OFF" for a refund.

See you soon with more updates!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Polymeri Online 15.4.13 | Polymer clay etching-inking, Sailors penguins, Millefiori eye cane tutorial and 18 karat polymer clay strawberry

polymer clay pendant
Maria Belkomor has a magical touch for  intriguing polymer clay art that keeps me busy, trying to figure out what is she doing here and there. Her latest set is called "etching" although she is referring to ink and it looks more like carving to me but correct me if I am wrong. She mentions this is an intensive hard work but I know the result is absolutely worth it.

More by her is this great tutorial for creating a snake/dragon skin texture. She says it's easy but a slow process. 
Start with the maximum thickness on your machine and with squares cutters kept perpendicular to the table, go straight down like a guillotine but not cutting all
Dragon skin
the way. Then, use something like a light bulb, for example and slowly stretch the joints to be separated. This would cause a texture to spread. She continues her explanation here -

polymer clay penguins posts
Thelittlecreatures belongs to Inês Fonseca, a Portuguese girl living in Scotland with a passion for nature, polymer clay and great stories. Her store is full of cuteness and joyous colors - Dogs, Giraffes, penguins and many more are a part of her Etsy zoo.

eye millefiori cane
Eye canning and face canning in particular can be fairly complicated, especially if you are not sure you want to sacrifice many polymer clay packages or end up with a cane that may be distorted due to clay softness. I admit I only did it once with my Dora the explorer cane (18 packages of clay) and did not do it again since.
But it doesn't mean we can't enjoy a good photo when we see one!
Here is an eye tutorial by Polyspoon which shows us some necessary steps to complete a great millefiori cane. Don't miss her other canes (buddha, geisha) previously featured many times online.

polymer clay strawberry
We all love jewelry with out going bank robbed -right? Here is a cute strawberry necklace tutorial featured in quietlioncreations blog. The original piece is by Kenneth Jay Lane and is a real 18 karat gold plated pendant, BUT! if you cannot afford the real one yet, you can play with clay and create strawberries in all colors.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Polymeri Online 4.4.13 | The Elephant Project, Polymer wavy beads, Graphic flower millefiori cane and The winter girl project

The Elephant Project
My colourful journey flickr gallery led me to find this beautiful tile project called the "Elephant project" by Wendy Moore.
While she was reading a book called "How to Train a Wild Elephant" by Jan Chozen Bayes, the author describes one practice a week to help you be more aware and mindful. She made these tiles using imitative techniques to symbolize each practice for her. At the end of the year she assembled them into a wall piece. She restricted herself to imitations of semi precious stones. You can read more about her process in this post and what each tile represent in the flickr link below.
A Colourful Journey is the non profit organization for Nepali women who have survived domestic violence and are developing ways to generate an income for themselves and their families.

Use your old polymer
clay beads

Russian Kaplinka Polinka is sharing with us more of her fun and easy classes. In these two she is showing how to use old polymer clay beads you no longer like and turn them into new beads by covering them with fresh millefiori canes. Don't forget to mark your holes!

Wavy Beads Tutorial
In her second link you can see a cute project for wavy beads using the wavy blade - aren't they colorful! Here is a post from 2011 which showed more of her goodies.

Wanda Shum's graphic flower cane
Remember Nat Gernigon fun Cane Scribbles tutorial featured on Polymer Clay Daily a while back?
Talented millefiori artist Wanda Shum took this cane one step further to create a beautiful flower cane.

Rut & The Polar Bear from Sweden posted this photo on her Pinterest gallery which led me to this Korean website -ClayKiwi. This tutorial for making a winter girl is so cute! Although I am not sure they use polymer clay (vs. air dry clay) this can be another cute project with kids.
Clay - Winter girl tutorial

Don't miss their angry dragon project along with others (scroll to the end to see more related links).
I used Google chrome for easy translating.