Thursday, April 4, 2013

Polymeri Online 4.4.13 | The Elephant Project, Polymer wavy beads, Graphic flower millefiori cane and The winter girl project

The Elephant Project
My colourful journey flickr gallery led me to find this beautiful tile project called the "Elephant project" by Wendy Moore.
While she was reading a book called "How to Train a Wild Elephant" by Jan Chozen Bayes, the author describes one practice a week to help you be more aware and mindful. She made these tiles using imitative techniques to symbolize each practice for her. At the end of the year she assembled them into a wall piece. She restricted herself to imitations of semi precious stones. You can read more about her process in this post and what each tile represent in the flickr link below.
A Colourful Journey is the non profit organization for Nepali women who have survived domestic violence and are developing ways to generate an income for themselves and their families.

Use your old polymer
clay beads

Russian Kaplinka Polinka is sharing with us more of her fun and easy classes. In these two she is showing how to use old polymer clay beads you no longer like and turn them into new beads by covering them with fresh millefiori canes. Don't forget to mark your holes!

Wavy Beads Tutorial
In her second link you can see a cute project for wavy beads using the wavy blade - aren't they colorful! Here is a post from 2011 which showed more of her goodies.

Wanda Shum's graphic flower cane
Remember Nat Gernigon fun Cane Scribbles tutorial featured on Polymer Clay Daily a while back?
Talented millefiori artist Wanda Shum took this cane one step further to create a beautiful flower cane.

Rut & The Polar Bear from Sweden posted this photo on her Pinterest gallery which led me to this Korean website -ClayKiwi. This tutorial for making a winter girl is so cute! Although I am not sure they use polymer clay (vs. air dry clay) this can be another cute project with kids.
Clay - Winter girl tutorial

Don't miss their angry dragon project along with others (scroll to the end to see more related links).
I used Google chrome for easy translating.