Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Should We Save You a Seat? PolyPediaOnline is Expecting...

As you probably noticed, I am a bit of a perfectionist. :)

This means that I am incapable of sharing any of my tutorials unless they are cutting edge, comprehensive, unique and most importantly filled with tons and tons of innovative knowledge and techniques for you.

This does create a problem from time to time; 
because I really want to share my new discoveries with you, but all the research and trials take me quite some time to create for each new tutorial.

This time it took me almost 4 months...
Yup, this was quite a "baby"!

For the past weeks I found myself thinking as two.

No. I am not pregnant :)

I decided to create my next tutorial along with another polymer clay artist and friend.

Collaboration. Teamwork. Wow.
Collaboration is more than getting together to fuse your creative energy into new work, it doesn't just happen in one day - it’s a long, committing process.

This process, allowed both of us to experiment, take chances, and learn from each other.

This powerful partnership has the ability to generate massive creativity and result in an expanded, well thought out concept.

So now, we are in the final stages of creating this new tutorials set.

As always it offers lots of beautiful projects, comprehensive videos and doubled creativity.

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with this new technique we will be revealing in a couple of weeks. I know I have.

I can't say much (yet) so hold your breath for a fortnight and all shall be revealed....
Meanwhile you are welcome to sharp your blades and get lots of white and cream color polymer clay!

As you wait (don't bite your nails!), I am offering a special discount of 15% that will be available for the next week until April 30th.

45 tutorials are waiting for you to be discovered - 
Press here to learn a new technique and choose your next project - 

This is your one chance to purchase your desired class at a special reduced price.

** The 15% discount refund will be sent back to you on PayPal;
**Enter CODE "15OFF" for a refund.

See you soon with more updates!


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