Sunday, July 29, 2012

Polymeri Online 29.7.12 | Polymer IPOD case, Mokume on glass, Poinsettia and flowers, Before and after paintings

Polymer clay ipod case
Eten-Iren, mentioned several months ago made this colorful ipod case on a base plastic case - isn't this cool? I wonder if she made the roses, cured and then adhered them to the base case or placed it in the oven? I'll have to try curing some plastic cases and see if they are heat resistant :)

Mokume gane on glass
Mokume on a glass - Larissa Joonas from Estonia is using a glass as a surface for "shaving" off the mokume gane pieces. That is one option for creating this special effect.
She has several pictutorials in her flickr gallery -

Polymer clay flower sculpturing
Liudmyla Heggland is a bead and polymer clay artist, creating flowers seems to be a natural talent of hers, here is a yellow poinsettia brooch and another flowery neck-piece, this necklace won 2nd place on 2010 Fire Mountain Gems contest.

Polymer clay jewelry with paints - Before and after
Adding acrylic/oil paints to a texture can upgrade any design. Take a look at ToutEnCouleur before and after photos: a dots texture with paints addition.

Here is the "before" -
and "after" -
She is working with polymer, resin, paper and carton, I also liked her tourbillons beads, they remind me of flying skirts...

Everyone is talking about the heat all around, I am officially waiting for the winter, I think the clay will also appreciate it, have a great cool day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Polymeri Online 21.7.12 | Fantasy dolls, Creepy wall art, Embroidery inspired brooch and Wedding cake replicas

Polymer clay doll
SandraArteagA is a spanish doll maker artist. Her dolls are not the traditional ones you would expect when thinking of a "doll", they are all born in Sandra's heart and have a fantasy character of their own. Each with it's own special  design.
Sandra's dolls are made of polymer clay or paper, dressed in fabrics and cloths.
In her polymer clay creations she sculpts over a strong armature covered with polyfil, allowing repositioning some parts of the body.

Polymer clay creepy wall ornaments
CreepyStuff creates revamped weirdness, creatures, monsters & Halloween goodies. All their creepy witches, devils and zobmies are handmade without molds and are hand-painted. Halloween is getting closer!

Polymer clay embroidery brooch
And to a totally different look - The ClayLoft are a polymer clay sculpture shop dedicated to purposeful jewelry & colorful accessories. Their soft colors and pleasant designs are "an emotional eye therapy", here is one of them, a vintage embroidery inspired brooch.

Polymer clay wedding cake replica
Jessieraye is a polymer miniature food expert, she can take a photo of your wedding cake and create a matching replica!
This is a wonderful wedding/anniversary gift :)
There is a LOT of sugar in Jessie's Etsy store, take a look around.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Polymeri Online 15.7.12 | "Not for the serious" jewelry, Simple truths pendants, Millefiori house cane tutorial, Crochet cabochon and my new rug in process

Polymer clay "Flip my pages, Honey" Bookmark
Nelli Kivinen from Helsinki Finland says her jewelry are for the not so serious people, she creates a world of cute polymer clay animals - penguins, bears and other adorable animal earrings, she is also working with recycled paper.
Take a look at her polymer clay bookmark in a speech bubble comic geek text - "Flip my pages, Honey!"

Polymer clay "Make a wish" pendants 
TesoriTrovati is the creator of "Simple truths" - pendants and charms carrying an inspiration message or an image. Something to think about when wearing.
I love inspirational quotes, they are all so touching and true :)
You can see her process - working with white clay and painting with alcohol inks -
and her Flickr gallery -

Polymer clay millefiori house cane tutorial 
This website was spotted at the Israeli guild website - A fun colorful and abstract house millefiori cane tutorial made into a beautiful bangle and pendant -

Polymer clay crochet pendants

Crochet cabochon in polymer! Pilar created a wonderful design using extruded strands wrapped around a polymer clay millefiori bead, how lovely!

My crochet "sheet" rug
Speaking of crochet, I took several days off polymer to create a crocheted rug using old colorful bed sheets of mine, it's a fun project and everyone in the house is complaining about the noise I am making when tearing off the sheets into strands. These strands are connected into a big "sheet-yarn" ball and crocheted like regular yarn. I will keep you updated on my final project when I am finished.

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Polymeri Online 8.7.12 | DIY Millefiori Slicer, Glow in the dark house, Leather-Polymer cuff and Orchid flower tutorial

Millefiori Slicer!
I saw this upgraded cane slicer at Randee M Ketzel flickr, this is her solution for thin and stable millefiori slicing. 
According to her, this tool makes slicing a whole lot less effort, and much more consistent and your blade won't wobble. worth a try!

Polymer Clay House Brooches
Spanish megustafimo (Laura) posted a picture of her recent project -150 small, colorful brooches. The house windows are "glow in the dark" fimo.
You can get the idea of their size in this photo
b.t.w - Megusta in spanish means - I like :)
her blog -
Here is another one of her posts creating Cala pins, shown here inside a plant pot, I am not sure if they are supposed to be cloth pins or pot decorations but it sure is a great idea to use it for both.

Patty Barnes Polymer-Leather Cuff
I had to take a second look at Patty Barnes leather bracelet - Leather or polymer? checking the small indentations and faux zipper made me 99% certain it's polymer - what do you think?
Then Patty posted this photo and I got my answer!

Polymer Clay Orchid Flower Tutorial
Here is a polymer orchid flower tutorial taken from Kutatic russion blog.
I liked the petal holders: rolling a stapled paper and placing under. Kutatic is mostly working with metal parts but posting about her polymer clay work from time to time.

Have a cool and nice day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Polymeri Online 1.7.12 | Polymer clay fish ponds, Fun jewelry and accessories, Miniature 3D painting and Plant pot tutorial

Polymer Clay Fish Pond - Suzanne Baer

I have been seeing lot's of polymer clay fish ponds lately :)
Here is one by Suzanne Baer, according to her It is an underwater world inside a jar. It took quite a while to create but she enjoyed every minute.
This pond will be shown at an exhibit at the Drahtzug on September 6th 2012.

Polymer Clay Fish Pond - TinyStuff
TinyStuff also posted her polymer clay fish ponds in her flickr gallery, take a look at her cool looking polymer clay cuffs.

Polymer SailBoat ribbon
Speaking of sea and fish ponds, Creashine store sure looks like a fun summer visit at the beach. The live colors, sailboat ribbons, seagull flying ring - so cute!
I love Stacey's use of the metal elements embedded in the clay!

Miniature 3D Paintings
Sheryl Retener Contridas is the owner of "Sugared Lipz" creating small kawaii miniature painting and adorable accessories, these tiny creations always makes me wonder if these artists have a special pair of miniatures hands...

Polymer Clay Plant Pot Tutorial
Get your mellon scoop ready for another miniature project - a plant pot tutorial!
This cute decoration doesn't need too much space and will color your desk or shelf with a touch of nature :)
Lot's of tutorials (most non polymer) are offered in Transientexpression blog.