Thursday, August 28, 2008

Polymeri Online 28.8.08

jessicajanelove - Jessi loves art in all forms, her tiny petite houses are so cute!

Block print tutotial - This great tutorial is suitable for polymer clay printing too! check it out -

Ignotz Cuties!

Crazy-Clayz / Marc and David Green We're two polymer clay artists living in Scotland, they love all things weird and creepy, they are mad about movies, fanatical about Fimo and crazy for cake...

hill designs / Lance Perry is a self taught artist from Nacogdoches, TX.

Boogerelli / Shannon is an artist residing in the US. Boogerelli is the themed name she give her cartoon critters who resemble boogers, little people, and amphibian types. she loves working with polymer clay, drawing, doll making and enjoy creating fun, whimsical styled art.

Sarajane Helm is now on flickr too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Polymeri Online 21.8.08

SpiritMama / Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda has been making jewelry and art for as long as she can remember. she owned retail shops for 15 years where she sold her art and custom jewelry designs. Two years ago she stopped retail in order to pursue in order to be home more for her daughter. she has been playing with polymer clay since she was a child, and have continued her clay affair as an adult. she is aligned with the Native American love of the earth and the Buddhist Zen practice. (photo)

Take a look at this Canes celebration by sandy from canada, her canes are so complex and unique!

according to Esther she is a "Crazy Cat Lady + Polymer Clay Nut + Mid Century Design Fetishist" :)
Esther is from Netherlands.

sTuDio * Odd is a SAHM~Wife~ artist ... in that order.. according to her she "creates to stay sane.. ."

ElementalDragons/ Angela is a stay-at-home mother....which allows little but very enjoyable crafting time for her! sheis first a polymer clay artist and second a all around multi-media crafter. Her cute elemental dragon and/or critters are looking for homes at
For the whole Elemental Dragons story please check out
As myself she is a Proud member of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Milliefiori and organza cloth pendant

My dear friend Marcia from Israel, is a very talented lady. In addition to making extra-ordinary millefiori canes, she is inventing new ideas for combining materials with millefiori work. According to her, Because of the transparency of the organza cloth she found it very interesting and there are lots of possibilities to create beautiful embellishments.

She kindly shared her unique techniqe with the israeli community and you might want to take a look at her tutorial (in english this time :)

The pendant is for sale too!

Polymeri Online 14.8.08

Should i begin with a OT story? Normally my life are real peaceful, no "action" stories, but yesterday a hornet stinged me in my butt... yes, i know it sounds funny :) and i agree, but it's really uncomfortable to sit and clay now ;)
It happened while i was driving with my car windows open and she simply got in while i was driving and fell between my legs, when trying to get out of my car and getting rid of her, the %&*& just stuck her sting in my ... you know where...
in case you are wondering i feel fine now, nothing i won't survive :)
lesson to be learned - even though the air is cool and clear at 7am in the morning, never drive with your car windows open, you don't know who's gonna visit you.

let's see some cool links, i really love each and every one i am featuring today (like always)-

Doreen's miniature are SO cute, you just want to drool and grab a bite -

Jane is almost 21. She's recently developed a hobby in creating cute charms from polymer clay -

island♥pixie's - The name Island Pixie is based on her niece, She inspires her and all the cute little creations she makes. she is addicted to handmade, and likes to create all kinds of goodies with clay like cupcakes, donuts, ice cream cones to lady bugs, octopus and flowers.

hollyjayne / Holly from Australia (photo attached) makes adorable bears you just want to hug -

My dear friend Judy Belcher posted some new photos in her flickr site, both of her amazing work and some of Euro Carnival -

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Polymeri Online 7.8.08

In between my preparation and making new stuff for some craft fairs in Rosh-Hashana (jewish new year) here are some links -

My dear friend Tami Shvat from Israel is making canes as if they are painted on canvas with a brush, they are beautiful and you can watch them closly and see so many details! belive me i know, i had so have some of her too!

kyeliza's etsy Shop contains Dolls and Miniatures, You may also visit her blog at She is a Member of DAM (Dolls and Miniatures)

chopoliAs loves sculpting, but not only. She also do other things, such as painting , she is sculpting since about 3 years and addicted to it.

Take a look at these colorful lovely projects made with light clay - althouth in hebrew the photos are easy to understand -

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cindy made my day!

Does it happen to you too? i get so blushed when someone write about me - blog or another place, and so excited, like a little girl :)
Cindy Lietz made me very happy yesterday, i just found out (from my dear Israeli PC friends) that she wrote a warm, full of compliments post about me, my work, beads and blog!

thank you so much Cindy, you made my day!