Thursday, August 7, 2008

Polymeri Online 7.8.08

In between my preparation and making new stuff for some craft fairs in Rosh-Hashana (jewish new year) here are some links -

My dear friend Tami Shvat from Israel is making canes as if they are painted on canvas with a brush, they are beautiful and you can watch them closly and see so many details! belive me i know, i had so have some of her too!

kyeliza's etsy Shop contains Dolls and Miniatures, You may also visit her blog at She is a Member of DAM (Dolls and Miniatures)

chopoliAs loves sculpting, but not only. She also do other things, such as painting , she is sculpting since about 3 years and addicted to it.

Take a look at these colorful lovely projects made with light clay - althouth in hebrew the photos are easy to understand -