Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Special! - 1.1.2010

New year's Special!
2010 is here and a new tutorial is born!
Poll results said this is the most desired tutorial - You requested and i happily accepted the challenge!

This new chapter of Poly Pedia Online is all about symmetric, mirror-cut canes - triangles, squares and hexagons.

There are 1000 creative ways to make a symmetric, mirror-cut, Kaleidoscope millefiori canes. Variations are endless.

This tutorial demonstrates how to make 6 magnificent Symmetric millefiori canes using clay, skinner blends, left overs and more, this is only a small demonstration in the ocean of canes possible.

Clear detailed instructions and 50(!) pages and over 150 full-color pictures to guide you through 6 cane types -

* Basic triangle Symmetric Mirror cut Cane
* Quilt Mirror cut Cane
* Skinner Blend wind Wheel Mirror cane
* Peacock feather Mirror cut Cane
* “Butterfly like” Mirror cut Cane
* Petal & flowery Mirror cut cane

The new tutorial is available for purchase both in my polypediaonline store and in my Etsy store, and although it is my most comprehensive and detailed tutorial, the price is only 19$.

Don't miss, there is a new section of Free tutorials in my polypediaonline site, Join the mailing list and get free access! i will be adding more information soon - PDF's, videos and more.

I wish you all a Happy New Year & a creative 2010! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Polymeri Online 24/12/09

Desert Dream Studios - Artwork by Mary Jane Chadbourne makes beautiful mosaic work, she uses hand stamped and painted polymer clay tiles & uses these tiles in all sorts of work, including ArtBoxes, wall art and paperweights.

fperezajates / Fabi from spain is multi talend lady - polymer clay, beading, felt and more, some of her jewelry are placed on filigree parts and feature 3D flowers.
look at her cute tutorial for transforming a brush into a note keeper!

Matthew Nix has 2 new online glass tile pendant tutorial, i enjoyed it very much.

Even though it's not polymer clay this video is amazing! watch this artist making layered stunning candles and makes magic in cutting them in beautiful shapes! it's "almost" millefiori!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Those special memories

I got a call from a family and they asked:
"We live abroad and we are coming in Hannuka for a special holiday in Israel, our daughter is celebrating her Bat-Mitzva and we are looking for an israeli handmade art work to give our guests as a souvenier, can you offer us something unique and original?"

After doing some thinking, both family and me decided on making each guest a personal customized polymer clay keychain, each will be in a different color, shape and the guest name will be embedded in the clay with a "glow in the dark" clay, this sure will make the keychain be special and unique.

I recieved each of the guest names and started working on the project, each keychain shaped as hamsa, right foot, butterfly, heart and many other shapes, in different vibrant colors and names on it. every keychain has it's own personal miniature cake or donut, to make it cheerfull and happy.

65 Keychains were made, each sweet and original.

I have many customers who are asking for a unique, handmade gift to give their friends, family, employers etc. One of my favorite customers asked for a special personalized gift for Rosh Hashana holiday dinner, she wanted to put a gift on the guests plate to let them know where they sit and also as a special gift from her - isn't that sweet?

In Israel it's a common custom to give a small gift to a guest in a big event such as wedding, Brit, Bat/Bar Mitzva, to Employees on holidays, pupils finishing their last year in school or even kindergarten kids which are one step away from the 1st grade.This small gift makes the difference and the guests feel like the host cares and appreciete their effort to come to his event, they know they can always look at that special handmade gift and remember that great celebration.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in giving creates love.”
Lao Tzu
Let's give our beloved.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Polymeri Online 16.12.09

Polymeri Online is today instead of tomorrow. Tomorrow i am taking a day off to hang out with family on Hannuka holiday, we are going to see the "Bodies" exhibition which is in Israel too. I've seen it in New-York but my kids didn't yet, i'm sure this will be a real experience for them.

Deco4bee (Rivka) from Israel always had her unique style of making polymer clay work. Look at her filigree dreidels and other designs.

Olga Petrova, my friend from polymer play days in England has posted some cool youtube movies for making her unique petals and flowers. so colorful! i also got a pin from her as a gift and i am enjoying every minute wearing it.

Tania Podoleanu, another dear friend from Israel has came up with a great idea for making bracelets beads with no holes - she simply glue her tile beads to felt and this way she gets a clean look, no stringing, no holes and the feeling of felt on her hand is nice too.

Nylad from France made a beautiful flowery necklace. it seems like polymer clay to me.

Everybody's busy with christmass shopping? :) Enjoy it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Get ready for Valentine

Get ready for Valentine!!
It's the perfect timing! there is still time to make your own, beautiful handmade heart beads...

My new tutorial demonstrates how to Create Polymer Clay Heart Pillow Beads, Pattern Sheet and Stripes Sheet, with clear and detailed instructions, 17 pages and about 50+ full-color pictures to guide you through.

This tutorial is a final project! Use your clay and canes and be your own designer by combining these beads in your own work.
Here is the table of content covered:
- Introduction
- Tools & materials
- Pattern Sheet how to
- The tricks for making the heart pillow bead
- Stripes sheet
- and more photos and ideas!
Last year - roses and chocolate for valentine,
This year - your own handmade art!

Polymeri Online 11.12.09

RFColorfulCreations made These mini wind chimes were made with polymer clay over a wood base. They are so sweet.

Christina's Studio - Custom Pet Sculpture & Ornaments, Christina's ornaments are hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted with artist acrylics. They range from 2.5” – 3.0” in size. These little critters are super for the Christmas tree or just to sit in a windowsill or on your desk.

Look at these carved pendants, they are inspired by Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg who were featured in Dailyartmuse.

lizcréations made these cute figurines, that can be used in many ways, she dresses them in millefiori and they are ready to go dancing :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Tutorials & a Raffle!

It's finally ready!

2 new PolyPediaOnline tutorials joined my other 2 tutorials at my etsy store:

the first one is - 7 Great Ways How to Create Polymer Clay Animal Skin Millefiori Canes - 22 pages Step-by-Step Instructions TUTORIAL
and the second is - 9 Great Ways How to Create Polymer Clay Fruit Millefiori Canes - 38 pages Step-by-Step Instructions TUTORIAL

That's a huge resource to all your fruit and animal skin canes!

the PolyPediaOnline(R) is about to grow and become a great resource for all you cane lovers!
But wait! there is more to come!
i am currently working on a new tutorial - How to create a pattern sheet and heart pillow beads -
The tutorial to my popular heart pillow beads!
Visit my Etsy store and get ready for the holidays with some new cool canes and art!

First 20 buyers will get into a raffle to win a free tutorial! you may get lucky! :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturn is just around the corner

In my (little) spare time i had over the past few weeks, i was asked to submit some new photos to a new book.
I found myself working on some new ideas to some new designs, and i decided to use my discs. i have about 2000 of them by now and it's getting really crowded in my studio :) oh, i am not parting from them, i am contantly looking for new ideas of what to do with those discs - brooches, pendants and so many more.

I came up with this necklace and bracelet design, and when i attached the 2 halves of the beads of the bracelet they looked to me like "Planets", and especially Saturn with his big rings.

When i wore the set for the first time i got reponses of - "wow, you got courage to wear this big jewelry!" and i say, why not? if it attacts the eye, it means it's unique.

they look from outer space - don't they?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Polymeri Online 4.12.09

silverpepper23 is probably a russion artist (acording to her photo titles), her jewelry are elaborated and rich with beads, color and inspiration, some of them match shoes or fabric (photo)

Margit Böhmer from Germany, made this jewelry setcompletely from Polymer Clay, combined with glass beads. It is a "joint venture" between her and Tami Shvat, from Israel. Tami has made the face cane, according to her she doesn't have the patience and talent for cane work. The idea to make the necklace is inspired by Michael and Ruth Ann Grove

Hannuka is almost here, i found new dreidels by sharon amir, aren't they cute?

Raquel Martin from Spain, at first i thought it was a Barrette with a name, but than i saw it's a name sign!

PolymerPeg is making wavy polymer clay necklaces, just by looking at them makes me want to go and watch the sea.