Thursday, December 17, 2009

Those special memories

I got a call from a family and they asked:
"We live abroad and we are coming in Hannuka for a special holiday in Israel, our daughter is celebrating her Bat-Mitzva and we are looking for an israeli handmade art work to give our guests as a souvenier, can you offer us something unique and original?"

After doing some thinking, both family and me decided on making each guest a personal customized polymer clay keychain, each will be in a different color, shape and the guest name will be embedded in the clay with a "glow in the dark" clay, this sure will make the keychain be special and unique.

I recieved each of the guest names and started working on the project, each keychain shaped as hamsa, right foot, butterfly, heart and many other shapes, in different vibrant colors and names on it. every keychain has it's own personal miniature cake or donut, to make it cheerfull and happy.

65 Keychains were made, each sweet and original.

I have many customers who are asking for a unique, handmade gift to give their friends, family, employers etc. One of my favorite customers asked for a special personalized gift for Rosh Hashana holiday dinner, she wanted to put a gift on the guests plate to let them know where they sit and also as a special gift from her - isn't that sweet?

In Israel it's a common custom to give a small gift to a guest in a big event such as wedding, Brit, Bat/Bar Mitzva, to Employees on holidays, pupils finishing their last year in school or even kindergarten kids which are one step away from the 1st grade.This small gift makes the difference and the guests feel like the host cares and appreciete their effort to come to his event, they know they can always look at that special handmade gift and remember that great celebration.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in giving creates love.”
Lao Tzu
Let's give our beloved.