Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturn is just around the corner

In my (little) spare time i had over the past few weeks, i was asked to submit some new photos to a new book.
I found myself working on some new ideas to some new designs, and i decided to use my discs. i have about 2000 of them by now and it's getting really crowded in my studio :) oh, i am not parting from them, i am contantly looking for new ideas of what to do with those discs - brooches, pendants and so many more.

I came up with this necklace and bracelet design, and when i attached the 2 halves of the beads of the bracelet they looked to me like "Planets", and especially Saturn with his big rings.

When i wore the set for the first time i got reponses of - "wow, you got courage to wear this big jewelry!" and i say, why not? if it attacts the eye, it means it's unique.

they look from outer space - don't they?