Friday, December 4, 2009

Polymeri Online 4.12.09

silverpepper23 is probably a russion artist (acording to her photo titles), her jewelry are elaborated and rich with beads, color and inspiration, some of them match shoes or fabric (photo)

Margit Böhmer from Germany, made this jewelry setcompletely from Polymer Clay, combined with glass beads. It is a "joint venture" between her and Tami Shvat, from Israel. Tami has made the face cane, according to her she doesn't have the patience and talent for cane work. The idea to make the necklace is inspired by Michael and Ruth Ann Grove

Hannuka is almost here, i found new dreidels by sharon amir, aren't they cute?

Raquel Martin from Spain, at first i thought it was a Barrette with a name, but than i saw it's a name sign!

PolymerPeg is making wavy polymer clay necklaces, just by looking at them makes me want to go and watch the sea.


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