Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polymeri Online 19.7.11 | Walk on Clay, Talking Faces, Hibiscus Flower Tut and Graphic Necklace Design

Violette Laporte from Canada has a great tip for softening very very old clay.
Even after you roll it in the pasta machine, If it is still crumbly, we are moving to the heavy artillery ;) take your clay, place it in a plastic bag with all the crumbs and pieces, form a ball inside the bag, take a good pair of shoes and yourself in the shoes (the heavier the better!) and squish the ball to flat! after several times (from ball to flat) you are done with your daily exercise and the clay is ready to be inserted in the pasta machine! how about that?!
Violette has some other interesting experimental designs in her blog, take a half of hour (or more) to browse it.
If you are looking for more tips for rolling stiff clay, you can see my tip as well in PolyPediaOnline TV in YouTube.

A mans face appears out of the tile; A face emerging from a leaf; Face Pendant - ReedDesigns Etsy's gallery is "telling us something", the faces expression, colors, eyes shape - talking faces.

ZudaGay posted a tutorial on how to create a hibiscus flower using main polymer core and petals around it, Thank you Tonja for this link!

Polyette's graphic necklace has beautiful color combination, dots and shapes. I can imagine how stylish it will look on a white dress!


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