Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Polymeri Online 20.12.11 | Christmas & Hannuka, Poinsettia cane tutorial, Lemon's teeth, Crochet "finger" and Christmas tree ornament tutorial

Everywhere I go online I see Christmas or Hannuka designs and ideas, dreidels, Christmas ornaments, menorahs - Festive and holiday-ish! :) Here is another decor celebration by CrazyKwilter made with the Stroppel cane,

and Filigree decorations by Amber Elledge

Gifts, decorations - Lot's of preperations for the holidays! I hope you're not too exhausted!
Another holiday themed project is offered in Sandy's blog - A Poinsettia cane tutorial
I also loved her idea for the Flower variegated cane tutorial -

Moving to another thing -This lemon bag is something. I found it in Teia Fetescu blog and had to take another look. Teia is so funny and writes so well! The story starts with a dog called lemon who started to loose it's baby teeth, Her friend came up with an idea to incorporate them into a clay piece to preserve them so he made a lemon head around a metallic tea strainer and used Lemon’s tooth for the face. When it was ready he used it a scented bag in his car. What was surprising to Teia is that the teeth were not oven proof! they cracked while baking! A bit funny - don't you think? This is such an original idea I had to share with you!

And last, more related to the previous holiday - Halloween - take a look at this polymer "finger" crochet hook by Marlene Brady. It's so funny! She almost fooled me! :)

Really last - I am reminding you about my free Christmas tree ornament tutorial offered in YouTube -

Have a great Hannuka and a Merry Christmas!