Thursday, February 19, 2009

Polymeri Online 19.2.09

This week it's all about millefiori canes (which are my favorite as you know), i found a batch of cool links with some tutorials and photos

zustitch made some canes (and a cake tutorial) although in russion (i think), you can follow the photos - i didn't have any luck with the online dictionary - anyone knows what is the title of this cane? some kind of fruit? flower?
it's a thistle cane, scottish favorite flower - Thank's Zu :)

a yummy cake tutorial by her too

X stitch cane

cristalline made an AMAZING rose cane - she's so great sharing her accurate and beautiful tutorials (see photo)

Faces canes! heurebleue probably had a great workshop for face canes, they made amazing canes in france and shared some great photos with us!

Last is a brown wheat-leaf cane - french but easy to follow