Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2 FREE Micro Macrame video tutorials - When Polymer clay and alcohol inks meet cords and knots

Polymer clay adapts into it so many mix media techniques - glass, mosaic, crochet - everything can be decorated with polymer clay beads...
So why not Micro Macrame knotting?

Micro Macrame may look complicated at first sight but it is in fact a very simple handcraft dated hundreds of years ago, used all over the world with thin / thick cords.

You can find macrame knotting in home accessories, jewellery, fashion and many more.

Once you master 3-4 basic knots you can create your own patterns and design and combine them with your own custom made polymer clay beads.

No need for special tools or materials! Only cords and beads!

Here is a free sneak peek to 2 free tutorials creating polymer clay earrings combined with metal findings and knotting.

If you do not have metal finding with holes you can create your own using polymer clay and small cutters, tooth picks or drilling after baking.

Click here to view both videos;

Have fun!


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