Sunday, October 4, 2015

Polymeri Online 4.10.15 | Bringing animation to life, Sweet cutlery, Singing fish to scare your nightmares, Clay cabochons & Geometric jewellery

After a short-long break I am back with new posts and inspiration.
I truly hope to keep up the weekly posts and share my finds with you.

As you probably know Instagram is a treasure to many artists including polymer clay.

Ana Rubio is one of my Instagram finds. a spanish artist from Madrid, a graphic designer.
The idea of being able to give life to her illustrations led to animation and the world of 3D design, creating prototypes in clay.
She creates mini series & framed pictures with known animation characters that are a fun reminder to our childhood.

Russian Valerie Maslova (Bantik) has the cutest cutlery sets. Each one not only looks tasty but also makes you want her entire collection of miniature food in your utensil drawer. Cakes, cupcakes, waffles, donuts, macaroons and even animals and minions. Outstanding perfection!

Les Ptit Mobiles (Estelle Marchal) is making mobiles that scare nightmares away. They all have big eyes glowing in the dark. In one of my journeys I found her singing fish. She says their voice is terrible but that's what scares the nightmares away! They are so cute and full of expression you can almost hear their thoughts :)

Sara Spoltore (Sarubbest) is a polymer clay artist which took polymer cabochon making into a profession. She uses polymer clay as a frame wrapping around any cabochon she desires - it can be glass, natural stones, rhinestones - everything can be surrounded with metallic looking clay to mimic a metal bezel.

Jayne Flanagen is also in Instagram. She is a jewellery artist based in Sydney Australia, working in multiple mediums, combining materials and techniques.
Her geometric designs are very appealing and will suit any dress code you wear. Very elegant and clean, lot's of black and white shades.

Let's meet again next week!


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