Sunday, October 11, 2015

Polymeri Online 11.10.15 | Peanut portraits, Grimoire polymer magic, Corpse Bride tutorial & Animals 'clay' Kingdom

In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween here is some holiday magic -

Steve Casino is a worldwide known artist who uses peanut shells to create his figurines.

You can imagine how much work (and patience) the creation of such an art piece takes. He mentions 20 hours only for the sculpturing, not including the preparing of the peanut.
You can see a glimpse into his process in his Facebook page and although I couldn't find a specific mention of polymer, after asking him about it he said he does. He is using our medium as a base colour (flesh) then placing in the oven for baking before painting.
In his story video he mentioned "wood filler" to smooth the peanut surface.
He also sculpts figures (foil armature) inside tins, boxes or other leftovers objects which get new life with his work.
I wonder who eats all the peanuts he takes out of the shells... I'm crazy about nuts :)

Valeria is the founder and designer of the "The Black Hen Grimoire"/ "Grimoire La poule noire" studio. The reason why the studio decided to take the name of medieval alchemical treatise about creation of magic artefact is that each work of "Grimoire" is not only decorative, it's also an attempt to make a person think about his/hers own place in the world of reality and fantasy.
Click to visit her site & Instagram gallery -

I love the Corpse Bride movie. SugarCharmShop (Tanja) YouTube channel is demonstrating Emily from the movie. The tutorial hypnotising! (as well as her soft voice)
Tanja is 24 years old, her education was a 'sales assistant' but currently she is a full time artist/YouTuber.

Another most talented sculpture is Snorky Club (Anna), a Russian artist specialising in beautiful animal figures sculpted in much details and amazing accuracy. Bears, Elephants, foxes, dogs and many more are in her personal cage free zoo!


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