Friday, October 30, 2015

Polymeri Online 30.10.15 | Polymer witches tales, Lorem Ipsum jewellery, Non-dentist-friendly mutations and Coffins and shovels spooky stuff - Happy Halloween!

So here I am at home while my daughter is in the US planning to see the yearly Halloween parade in Manhattan! I'm so jealous!! :)

Join me to another post devoted (almost) entirely to the spooky and wonderful!

Tall tales, Caroline McFarlane-Watts, is a master in polymer clay "witch" craft ;) well, not real witchcraft... lol
She creates beautiful magical scenes using animals, witches and other legendary creatures.

These 'tall tales' are told using scale miniature sets, hand-sculpted characters, illustrations and visual effects. From the concept artwork, the storyboards, elaborate sets, character sculpts and original scripts - everything is created in-house. 
Her work as a miniaturist is featured and sold in 40+ countries and has been exhibited in China as well as the US.

Geometric and colour are always a perfect match. The Singapore "Lorem Ipsum" store is all about basic shapes incorporated together to create a harmony of design.

In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum (derived from Latin dolorem ipsum, translated as "pain itself") is a filler text commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation. There is a lot of calm colour "filling" in these pleasant designs.

In a 180 degrees turn, this site is for the strong at heart -
Morgan Loebel (aka, Morgans Mutations) makes creatures, monsters and mutated things out of polymer clay. He is using switch plates or phone cases as his canvas to sculpt his monstrous, horrifying teethed creatures. 
Most of them are not dentists friendly although Morgan has a long career as dental laboratory technician! Yes!

He uses paints, epoxy as well as polymer clay in his art. His shop is currently closed but you can see more of his work in the "sold" section. Wooooaaaa!

To finalise our post with a scent of halloween here is Tim from "Coffins and shovels".

Coffins, shovels, zombies, spooky stuff, sculptures, Halloween props and other cool stuff are Tim's work. He mention that he has laser beams instead of eyes ;) Why not? 
Tim creates small and large pieces. I'm guessing he uses super sculpey on the smaller ones and other materials on his large sized sculptures but I may be wrong.

Enjoy the weekend fun!


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