Thursday, July 26, 2007

Polymeri Online 26.7.07

How about taking a look at some more flickr clayers?

Claylady43 / Penni Jo Couch

Penni is a a wife, mother, grandmother also a designer/sculptor and writer. In 1981 she found a clay called Fimo and began to play with it for making doll house scale miniatures. Her work is beautiful.

PWdolls / Patience - Amazing dolls sculpturing

A new group on COLOR MIXING is opened in flickr for Recipes of Color mixing. From basic colors to advanced mixing in any material - painting, polymer clay, dough and more! I will be happy to hear what are your favorite colors and how did you mixed them :)

I'm addicted to tutorials and projects and so happy to find those on the web, it always amaze me how cooperative and sharing our global polymer clay community is. it is not like that in other materials! Thank you all!

Diane J. Mayer - Textured and Embellished Bookmark

Syndee holt - Light Switches Get the Texture Treatment

Amy Koranek - Four Seasons Welcome Plaque

Polymer clay world Projects: Box Clock, Shrinky-Dink Box, Pen, Mosaic Wall Clock and more!

Paper and Clay Studios by Elizabeth Kosterich - Paper and Clay Studios featuring finely crafted original mixed media artwork of handmade paper and/or polymer clay

I have to tell you what i saw in one of our Israeli forums, there was a lady, says that in the summer times she sees lot's of cockroaches going around in the pipe system (you know, of the sewage, Yukks!!), well, she had enough with them and decided to make something about it. she took FIMO polymer clay and made a "custom made sink plug" to prevent them from going up in the pipes! isn't that an idea? well, don't consider it a project but now i understand that there is nothing that can't be done from this material, now even the roaches will enjoy their colorful plug!!


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