Sunday, May 9, 2010

Polymeri Online 8.5.10 - Miniature Food #1

The next 2 posts on polymeri online will be about miniature food which becomes very popular, these miniatures from polymer clays or other air dry clays gathers a large group of fans & artists which uses them for decorations in doll houses, collections, jewelry and fun projects with kids.

I found some great artists making amazing miniature art on the web, look at this international collection of artists from all over the world!
I am sure that there are many more, this post is the 1st one and next week i will be posting more links showing these wonderful delights.

RiS_RiStudio / Ri S from Japan started to make miniature items & practicing writing english in her blog. she wishes to open her online shop some day and meanwhile you can enjoy her treats on flickr.

Cookieland / Claudia Martelloni (photo on right) from Italy is also an expert with the little foods, her flickr gallery is not for the hungry ones!

Here is a sample of tiny delights made into rings! Tiny delights from Lisbon Portugal, according to her story she like miniatures because her husband one day decided to offer her a dollhouse. As she's always painted and enjoyed crafts, it was easy to get passionate about this hobby.

PetitPlat by sk_ / Stéphanie Kilgast from France is a 24 years old food miniaturist.
She loves doing creative stuff, like miniatures, but also knitting, painting, drawing and well...
Miniatures are her actual passion.

Miniature-Chef / Hanna Lindroth from Sweden, is a lifelong crafter who always have loved to create art. she loves creating miniature food and tries to give it a realistic look as possible, she makes them thorough research on each piece.
All her creations are handmade in polymer clay as well as artist materials to add extra detail.

Now you go and have your breakfast/lunch/dinner! :)


  1. Hello! Thanks for writing about me and my blog! I was so happy when I found my name!! (wow!)
    Your blog is very nice and there are lots of information to know about polymer clay hand-made etc...!!

  2. wow. I'm a newbie to miniatures and I am just blown away. Thankyou so much! you're the only site I could find like this.

  3. Hi! Thank you soooo much for writing abut me...I'm really honored. I love your blog!