Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polymeri Online 29.1.11

Tania Podoleanu has posted a mini tutorial in the israeli blog, it's a nice variation for making a beaded bracelet to people who are allergic to metal of any kind. She is demonstrating a bead tiles bracelet mounted on felt, with no metal accessories, and velcro finish. The beads are being glued on the felt strip. Take a look, even though it's in hebrew, the small DOC icon over there (it's small but there) is downloading an english doc file tutorial.

Pieces of Dream by Deanna / Deanna Miller is a mixed media artist working primarily with polymer clay, my eyes was caught on her steampunk butterfly - at first look it looks like real copper!

Kirsten Miller - QuernusCrafts has cute sculpturing of animals, she is a former lawyer who finally realised the error of her ways and left behind a successful career to follow her heart! It only took her 15 years! what an inspiration!

Valentine is so close, even though this project is not polymer clay, i thought you may like this one - a paper clip heart: easy and cute!

Have a warm weekend, finally rain again here :)

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