Friday, January 7, 2011

Polymeri Online 7.1.11

"Siman-Tov" which means in hebrew - "good sign" is a website belongs to Israeli Mirit and Ilan Eliyahu, very talented and special people which can not hear. They are creating special decorations using sign language sculpturing in polymer clay, mostly with the sign "I love you" in a hand form. Their challenge is to teach who ever is interested the unique sign language and a person can order his/her own name in polymer clay signs/hands showing the letters in sign language.
I was wondering, is sign language global and words (not letters) looks the same in every language? wished they had an english version of the site so you can read about these lovely people.

Another artist with beautiful polymer clay sculpturings using sign language is Krystal Zimmerman aka MoonlightAura (photo on right). She chose the name Moonlightaura due to the fact that since she works a second shift job, most of the items she creates occur within the moonlight hours. The majority of her work revolves around sign language and this stems from her working with children. At her current job she works with children who are mainly temporary with them, waiting to be placed in foster care and although none of them are deaf, she noticed that it is much easier to teach them something with some sort of prop. Thus birthed the idea for ASL hands.

Nina Nell is an artist and author. Since her childhood, she creates One Of A Kind sculptures and write different kind of stories.

Lovely collection of cross stitch canes by Zoeowyn / Laura M


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