Friday, January 14, 2011

Polymeri Online 14.1.11

Cassandra Graham uses stones, bones, crystals, feathers & leathers in her jewelry. Her new obsession is art dolls which are ooak polymer clay with wire armatures to which she adds the costuming.
I like her slogan - "Life is too short to wear the ordinary!"

Amy Crawley is a mixed media artist who creates fine art and functional art. Her spirit messengers, icons, and fortune pyramids are inspired by nature, the spirit of ancient cultures and her travels around the world. She uses polymer clay, air dry clay, foil armature & wire in her creations.

Suzanne Anderson background is in painting and graphic design but she has always been deeply interested in jewelry design, body ornamentation and the relevance of fashion. In particular, she is intrigued by how what we wear affects our perception of ourselves and others’ perception of us. She defines her work with polymer clay as a material that is not precious but is transformed through the process into a precious item - couldn't agree more!

Thelma Aviani has various designs and materials in her site, she is from Brazil and work also with polymer clay.