Thursday, January 7, 2010

Polymeri Online 7.1.10

I've been browsing a bit in some french blogs and found many treasures, Look at this link - I love Cristalline Budha cane! her slide show is demonstrating the long and creative process of building it's components -

Sabine Alienor Singery has posted an interesting tutorial for making a steampunk bracelet in bronze, she is using BRONZclay™ bronze metal clay and some interesting ingredients like olive oil, although not polymer clay the technique can be adapted to PC as well.

The "Pigs-n-Stuff" Miniature pig collection consists of 50 designs of miniaturehand sculpted pigs in assorted "costumes" handmade by Teresa Stewart & they are so cute!

Another version of Hidden Magic dots tutorial featured in Fimofeerie blog, scroll down to 11 december date -


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