Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Polymeri Online 24.12.13 | Polymer succulents and fish, Mother nature in clay painting, Mix media jewellery, Colourful ladybug tutorial and iPhone/iPod clay chargers & Merry Christmas!

First let me wish all of you celebrating Christmas, a merry holiday with lot's of smiles, joy and wishes fulfilment!

May 2014 be joyous, pleasant, peaceful, pampering and healthy year, with endless happy family, friends, work, hobby moments!

La Derallista's clay art
Tiny little cactus pots and other succulents plants are a part of LaDerallista's world. Spanish artist Iratxe Maruri sculptures and creates her small pots as well as fish and other creatures by hand, no molds are used, and she combines other materials such as wood and acrylic paints in her pieces. 
LaDerallista tiny pots
They are so cute it's hard to choose which photo to feature!

Mother nature painting
Doodled creations from the Phillipins is mostly creating small cake toppers figurines and small personalised keychains but this picture, posted in her Instagram is a bit different from her usual art, It was a special ordered commissioned work; polymer clay painting of mother nature. 
The fact that polymer can be 2 or 3 dimensional produces such unique results! 

Monika's mix media jewellery
Monica Rotta is a Facebook find. She is a mix media polymer clay artist and use various materials in her work - fabric, metal, beads, paints, powders, possibly foil and more.
In her Facebook page you will find several of her organic looking designs and some of her experiments in clay. 

Polymer clay ladybug tutorial
Take a look at this cute beetle/lady bug project posted on Pinterest (by Belkomor), take a piece of clay, form a thick button shape and mark the eyes and middle line, then cut (I think it's cutters) it's shape and pinch with your fingers to form a half dome. Then, cut it's bottom to create a flat base. Bake and add acrylic paints or chalks!

Clay charger
Last trick is dedicated to your iPhone electric charger, once again there are no boundaries with polymer! 
Wondering what these are? No, they are not inros, these are charger covers made of clay! Emily Miller made millefiori tiny covers for chargers! No need to ask "where is MY charger??" any more, (these are common questions in our house!) Each one has it's own!
Great gifts!

Merry Christmas!