Friday, July 24, 2009

Polymeri Online 24.7.09 - Suzanne Del Rizzo

Suzanne Del Rizzo is a stay at home mom with four small children, from Oakville Ontario.
she has a honours science degree from Queen's University but always had a passion for art. she has worked with polymer clay since the early'90's during and after university, but only recently began exploring plasticine as a medium after reading a few books my children brought home from the library illustrated by Barbara Ried. she was totally inspired by her fantastic plasticine illustrations, and liked the properties of plasticine as it stays pliable and doesn't require baking, in the past she used to work with polymer clay to make jewelry, but decided to focus on plasticine at the moment.
Suzanne loves doing cottage/home portraits and depicting children at play, and she takes pride in adding very specific details to her work, to make it something unique and special.

we can be inspired by this beautiful work!

visit her flickr site @


  1. This is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful talent she has. Thanks for sharing it with us. Judy

  2. That looks just like a painting!

    I also read those books to my children when they were small, and was inspired by them, especially "Have You Seen Birds?"
    I tried my hand with plasticene and always intended to do the same with polymer, but never really have. There's something unique about the plasticene. Probably as close as I'll ever get to oil paint, but not as close as these artists!