Thursday, July 23, 2009

Polymeri Online 23.7.09 - Carrie Tasman

For the next few days i would like to feature some ladies, each with her own amazing polymer clay work. i didn't want to put them all in a list in my polymerionline weekly post because each of them deserve her own "stage" :)

I came across Carrie Tasman when we discussed business, i didn't know how talented this lady was! she is a painter who stumbled onto polymer clay quite by accident ten or so years ago. she started stamping and painting sculpey to make small frames for tiny prints of her larger acrylic paintings. This year she experimented with colored clay and then after reading every book in the library (she is sending her thanks to all) she became obsessed with how to make millefiori canes. she is a painter, so she want to make beautiful, colorful pieces to hang on the wall. she started with small 5x7 still life collages with stamped clay and millefiori canes and have been making progressively larger pieces. those floral pieces (see photo attached) are 8x10 mounted on board, she used techniques from my tutorial and she wrote and told me that the tut stepped her canes up a notch : )
Carrie loves pattern, texture, and the piecing quality of working in clay, and the endless variations of millefiori canes. Please stop by her website to see more at

How wonderful!!

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  1. AWESOME work- the still life pieces have a Mattisse quality that is stunning!