Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polymeri Online 29/10/09

Last week i didn't post the weekly blog, the reason was i had amazing 3 days on that weekend. i took a 3 days course with 2 Israeli men, both of them did the impossible - one of them is Eran Stern who quit a very promising job in Intel to fulfill his dreams, and the other one was Alon Ulman who a few years ago was on the verge of death when he twice survived a rare occurrence of a collapsed lung, he understood that if life had given him such clear boundaries he had to try and strech them a little. He started living life to the fullest and began competing to the "Iron Man" competition - sound crazy isn't it? well, it's all about breaking limits and outstanding results, and these were inspiring full 3 days! anyway, i came back with many ideas and lot's of thinking! makes you think and understand what you have and try living better...

so after some mind inspiration here is some polymer clay inspiration :) some cool links i found this week!

Naama Zamir posted some cool links, one of them is PsychoticReaction is a designer from Encinitas, CA, her figures makes you be scared & smiling :) she is also making pendants and rings in her own unique style.

FancifulForm is also one of naama's inspirations, the flowers sculpted so delicatly and on details, it reminds me of another artist who sculpture beautiful flowers - Olga petrova.
Etsy featured an article about Lauren's (fancifulform) quiting her day job, very inspiring!

Review of DREAM machine by one of the members of Delphi forums - LeonardaAnn, very interesting!

lilyuka / lilya kalinina probably from Russia? she has some colorful cheering art in her flickr -
and look at these cute ipod shuffle!


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