Monday, November 2, 2009

The polymer clay cookbook - be your own chef!

If there would be something i could ask is food that has no calories!! really! if only i could eat those yummy cakes, burgers & pizza's featured in "The polymer clay cookbook" i would be so happy!

Jessica Partain and her sister Susan wrote the cutest book in polymer clay miniatures, (my 1st book on that subject) it's all about that tiny food jewelry you can wear, use in doll houses, let your daughter play with barbie dolls, enjoy making with friends or use it any way you like!

It's a comprehensive guide to the polymer clay food world you always wanted to know how to make and didn't know how, including basic shapes, jewelry tips, color mixing and working with liquid clay - fruits, cakes, pie, cookies, ice-cream, sushi, bakcon & eegs and more. Of course, from all these ideas you can make so many other delicacy, just look closely at your "models" and "polymer clay it".

The book is diveded into few chapters, all of them include a "full meal", from appetizers to deserts to holiday favorites and the polymer clay reciepes are seasoned with real reciepes of real food from the personal kitchen of Susan and Jessica - You can see they LOVE the kitchen!

This wonderful niche of miniatures and food charms is so appealing, so cute and so easy, every one can master it thanks to Susan and Jessica, just make it, wear it or give it for gifts on holidays, these cute tiny charms are sure to make every one "wow"!

just be carful someone won't bite you ;)

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