Saturday, February 15, 2014

Polymeri Online 15.2.14 | Elegant clay threads, Polymer Balloon bubble, When illustration meets clay, Polymer Iconic fun horror scenCes

Conte Magie's thin delicate beauties
Behance is a leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work.
Their goal is to empower the creative world and make ideas happen.
You can join, upload your portfolio and share it with other polymer clay (and non polymer) enthusiasts.
It is an incredible source of inspiration!

First Behance polymer clay artist is Russian ConteMagie (Lena CK) who is according to 2012 Behance records, a student (still?) and creates delicate thin (extruded?) clay stripes which are incorporated into a very impressive and elegant jewellery design.
Her designs features harmony of colour and shapes and sometimes she used beading techniques to finalise her beautiful delicate jewellery.

Larissa's clay work
Another Behance find is Larissa Honsek from Germany, which is a photographer most of her time but finds a little time to play with polymer clay.
There are very few photos of her polymer clay work in her profile, I hope she'll post more!

Raku Inoue wall pieces
Canadian (originally Japanese) Raku Inoue is another artist featuring his many talents in Behance: He is experimenting with multiple media but his work is based on polymer clay, digital photography and photoshop.
He has beautiful free wallpapers to download, was recently featured in "the Polymer Arts" magazine & his website is a fun tour into his multi graphic talents.
Don't miss his butterflies fast-farward tutorial on Vimeo -

horror movie scenes
made of polymer clay
Lizzie Campbell is a UK polymer clay and mixed media illustrator.
She is using both FIMO and Sculpey brands of polymer clay depending on which works best for the design. Before working with polymer clay she used air dry clay but when she found polymer, it became her favourite. Don't miss her interview and article featuring iconic scenes from horror movies along with other articles she was mention on!
Her work is a treat of talent and you may find yourself wandering around for a while! Loved it!

I'll be covering more Behance goodies in my next week post,
have a great weekend!


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