Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Polymeri Online 26.2.14 | Faux Fabric polymer, Moroccan Mosaic on the wall, E.T phone home, Argyle millefiori and LifeSavers duties

Toy-Belle from the Russian group posted a fun project of her - faux fabric brooches/charms. She calls is color therapy. It's a game of canes, snakes and logs, cut, pierced, textured. The final result is oh so cute.
The Russian ladies are known for their color challenges and from time to time you can see pictures posted next to color palettes showing their featured project.
In addition to her polymer clay project you will find felt and miniatures in her blog.

Polymer clay mosaic by Agnes
Hungarian artist Ages creates jewelry combined with polymer clay and leather. Her jewelry are mixing embroidery, texture, color and patterns. Agnes is a full time translator but her passion-hobby is creating jewelry. While her home decor is changing towards indian-moroccan style, her wall was missing something. She decided to create an elaborated mosaic piece and it was only natural that her jewelry patterns will find their place into her wall piece. Beautiful.

The beloved E.T in polymer clay
When I stumbled upon this E.T figure I remembered my youth days watching this wonderful movie.
This sculpture is a work by I Do Cake Toppers team - Christina Patterson and Shaun Patterson. Christina and Shaun create their cake toppers since 2004, they have been making sculptures for clients worldwide including celebrities such as David Copperfield and pieces are made with polymer clay on a metal armature. Their size is about 8 inches height and about 18 oz weight.
Follow this link for a fun Mr. Hanky Christmas video tutorial

Argyle cane tutorial by Kael
Kael Mijoy is sharing yet another of her ideas translating it into a fun easy tutorial, this time an argyle cane combined with flowers.
Kael was featured several times in PolymeriOnline and her site is great for inspiration.

The past week I have been playing with some old and some new
These are 1 year old Extrudinary LifeSavers beads, waiting for me patiently since Cabin Fever Clay Festival last year, I made these for one of my demos but haven't had time to finish them since. Not sure if I'll keep them or sell them but they are sure fun to make!

LifeSavers Extruder beads
LifeSavers Extruder beads
Have a great week!

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